LifeOmic Announces HIPAA Compliance Statement

LifeOmic Announces HIPAA Compliance!

Feel free to view our HIPAA Executive Statement and Signed Attestation.  Organizations can feel secure working with LifeOmic for a variety of  services -- we ensure HIPAA compliance regarding all data and services offered.

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Brown calls genomics startup ‘riskiest thing I’ve ever done’ - Indiana Business Journal

"Don Brown founded LifeOmic to try to help solve just that problem by enabling doctors like Abonour to practice genomics-based precision medicine. And the 6-month-old firm has already got some wind in its sails.

Precision medicine tailors treatment based on an individual’s unique attributes—coded in DNA. The 23 pairs of chromosomes in each human cell contain about 30,000 protein-making genes that can determine the effectiveness of certain treatments, from blood thinners to cancer-fighting drugs.

LifeOmic has two main offerings: sequencing of a patient’s genome (the full set of DNA information) and data-management software. The latter is a cloud-based service for the storage, retrieval, analysis and clinical use “of genomic and other digital information increasingly central to patient care,” company officials said, and it comes with “decision-support” capabilities."

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Don Brown - IUSM Commencement Speech

LifeOmic CEO Don Brown Delivers IUSM 2017 Commencement Address

LifeOmic CEO Don Brown, MD shares his professional journey from being an unconventional medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine to becoming it's largest donor in 2016.  Don's remarks begin at 25:09 and end at 51:33.

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LifeOmic Discusses RTP Plans With Triangle Business Journal

Triangle Business Journal reports on LifeOmic's anticipated business plans for the Research Triangle Park area:

With local ties in hand, Brown is now heading a new company called LifeOmic – following the close of Interactive Intelligence’s sale Dec. 1

“We’re looking to disrupt the precision medicine space,” says Jeff Swartz, LifeOmic’s chief operating officer.

LifeOmic – which has $20 million in funding, according to its website – plans to bring in experts from areas such as cloud computing, bioinformatics and genomics to create “a new precision medicine solution that spans multiple data sources” says Swartz.

The company currently employs nine people, and Swartz says he expects that number to be at 30 to 35 people by mid-summer. He says that 10 to 15 of those employees will likely be based in RTP.


Indiana Business Interview With Don Brown

Inside Indiana Business Television Interview With Don Brown

Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick highlights Don Brown’s $30 million gift to establish the Brown Center for Immunotherapy at the University of Indiana School of Medicine.   In the Business of Health segment, Barbara Lewis talks with Don about the gift and its focus on immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a new area of medical science. It’s the science of using the body’s own immune system to fight disease and it’s shown great promise in treating cancer.

Inside INdiana Business

Here are some of Don’s comments from the interview:

“We want to play our part in some of the exciting developments that are taking place in Immunotherapy.   It’s one of the hottest areas in all of science right now.  We’ve been struggling trying to find a cure for diseases like cancer for a long time, and we’re really seeing the promise of being able to turn our own immune systems toward that purpose.”

“I like to feel that I bring something in terms of knowledge of the software industry and cloud computing - those sorts of underlying technologies that are increasing important to all of medicine.”

“I’ve had a lot of fun studying cancer biology and immunology at Johns Hopkins and that more than anything convinced me that this was the right area to apply some resources and try to push it over the edge.”

When asked if he will focus on biotechnology and life sciences, Don said:

“Yes. To me life sciences are increasingly becoming an information science. It’s an area where I think I can contribute in some small way and where I intend to concentrate my efforts.”

“I’ve started up a new private company (LifeOmic) focusing on genomics and bioinformatics to leverage some of my software experience that hopefully can be helpful in other areas.”

IndyStar: $30M gift to IU Med could change how blood cancers are treated

If you've wondered what Don Brown, Founder and CEO of LifeOmic has been thinking regarding precision medicine these days, look no further than his recent $30 million donation to the Indiana University School of Medicine.

IndyStar reports, "Dr. Donald Brown, a 1985 IU med school graduate and founder of Interactive Intelligence, said he made the gift, the largest the medical school has received from an alumnus, to bolster the institution’s already strong research program in an area that has long interested him."

The LifeOmic Precision Medicine Portal takes a further step towards the promise of personalized medicine with a game-changing cloud-based healthcare solution that's built to store and manage complex biomedical information --  from whole genome sequences to large-scale data sets that include proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and others that have yet to be either discovered or effectively described and articulated.

We encourage you to read the level of commitment Don and LifeOmic are taking to the Precision Medicine Initiative...

IBJ: Entrepreneur Don Brown launches new biotech company

December 8, 2016

Indianapolis-based tech entrepreneur Don Brown just ended his 22-year tenure with Interactive Intelligence Group, the company he sold for $1.4 billion only a week ago, but he’s already heavily involved in another venture...

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Launching LifeOmic!

After extensive interviews with various health systems and medical research centers it became clear that while genetics is increasingly applied to clinical settings, and genomic research efforts are exponential, the full power of genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, and other Omic information is still only very sparingly applied to the large majority of clinical settings where it demands to be used.

At LifeOmic we're excited to help medical professionals leverage Omic data for more effective clinical outcomes.  LifeOmic was founded in 2016 to 'Power Precision Medicine.'   We'd love to speak with you about what we're up to, who we've partnered with and how we plan to transform precision medicine!