Brown calls genomics startup ‘riskiest thing I’ve ever done’ – Indiana Business Journal

“Don Brown founded LifeOmic to try to help solve just that problem by enabling doctors like Abonour to practice genomics-based precision medicine. And the 6-month-old firm has already got some wind in its sails.

Precision medicine tailors treatment based on an individual’s unique attributes—coded in DNA. The 23 pairs of chromosomes in each human cell contain about 30,000 protein-making genes that can determine the effectiveness of certain treatments, from blood thinners to cancer-fighting drugs.

LifeOmic has two main offerings: sequencing of a patient’s genome (the full set of DNA information) and data-management software. The latter is a cloud-based service for the storage, retrieval, analysis and clinical use “of genomic and other digital information increasingly central to patient care,” company officials said, and it comes with “decision-support” capabilities.”

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