Leverage Technology to Effectively Manage Chronic Disease


Managing chronic disease can be difficult for both providers and patients. Even with well defined interventions and protocols, educating, communicating, monitoring and measuring patient progress at scale is difficult. Additionally, chronic disease management is one of the highest expenditures in healthcare today leading to scrutiny by payers and patients alike.

Current EMR / EHR systems don’t provide the tools clinicians need to properly serve their patient population nor have these legacy systems fully embraced mobile and cloud technology as a chronic disease management tool.

LifeOmic’s cloud and mobile platform is a clinician oriented solution that provides the ability to easily create, deliver and monitor interventions to monitor chronic disease, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Disease Management with LifeOmic's Cloud & Mobile Platform

  • Create care plans and issue them to individuals or cohorts of patients.
  • Develop and monitor surveys – even surveys with complex logic and branching.
  • Provide proven health education and literacy content via the proven Lifeology methodology.
  • Wearables integration to measure adherence to activity, blood glucose, ketones, sleep and more.
  • Leverage the proven LIFE wellness apps that have been downloaded by millions of people worldwide.
  • Combine and longitudinally view clinical, biomarkers, genetic, imaging, patient acquired, medical device and wearables data.
  • Create and monitor cohorts of patients.
  • Provide a real-time, easy to use, way to communicate with your patients via video conferencing, telephony or screenshare. By integrating data with outreach, you can schedule telemedicine visits with the right patients at the right time.

The Precision Health Cloud platform is a highly secure, open platform that provides the visualizations and decision making support you need to create and manage personalized disease management plans.

The LIFE Extend mobile app provides an engaging, patient facing mobile app that extends both your visibility and reach.  By delivering a valuable and engaging health and wellness app first, then using that as a conduit to drive disease management programs, we have completely changed how patients think about using their mobile devices as a tool for better disease management and maintenance.

Over 1 in 250 adults in the US already use LifeOmic’s mobile apps to improve their health.

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