The Platform to Deliver Preventive Interventions

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Prevention and wellness are underutilized tools in healthcare today however 60% of the determinants of health are based on individual behavior, environmental and social factors.

Traditional healthcare IT platforms are ill-equipped to handle this part of a patient’s healthcare journey.

We have developed a cloud and mobile platform that enables disease prevention by leveraging genomic, biomarkers, behavioral and patient-reported information. Integration with a wide variety of consumer wearables and medical devices provides the data that informs the creation and management of programs that will prevent health issues.

This platform can be used by clinicians to identify and implement prevention and wellness programs across their at-risk patients or by researchers to streamline research projects from consent to data acquisition and aggregation to analysis.

For example, it is estimated that over 415 million people worldwide, 9% of the world’s population, have diabetes however many of these cases can be prevented with easy-to-implement and manage interventions like diet and activity. Our cloud platform, in conjunction with the LIFE Extend mobile application enables clinicians to easily implement and automatically monitor adherence to the care plan.

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Analyze Data From Imaging & Genomics to User Reported Behavior in a Single Platform

The Precision Health Cloud provides the repository for all patient data including electronic medical records, labs, genomic tests, imaging, patented reported data, wearables and medical devices. With our PrecisionOCR technology, even paper records, faxes and scanned documents can be converted into structured, longitudinal patient data.

Our mobile apps, already in use by over 3 million people worldwide, provide the patient-facing tentacle enabling you to prescribe wellness programs, measure adherence, provide feedback and collect patient data.

Our mobile apps provide the tools to develop and deliver personalized wellness programs at scale:

  • Social Circles enable patients to encourage each other and provide healthcare professionals to offer group advice.
  • The Today tile provides the opportunity to deliver personalized care plans and surveys.
  • The Learning Library provides the opportunity to deliver content you specific or from our content library
  • The Five Pillars of health to promote healthy behaviors.
  • Wearables integrations to make it easy for patients to connect their wearable devices.
  • Surveys to easily assess and monitor individuals on their health journeys.

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