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About LifeOmic

LifeOmic is a health software company and creator of a Precision Health Cloud (PHC) platform that drives precision medicine through integration and analysis of any kind of patient data. The PHC is ultra-secure, being HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified. The PHC serves researchers, clinicians and patients alike, with a series of LIFE mobile apps built on top of it to promote healthy behaviors linked to longevity (physical activity, eating fruits and vegetables, sleep, stress reduction activities, intermittent fasting) and to facilitate personalized health recommendations and data collection for health intervention and other research.

LifeOmic Blog and LIFE Apps Learning Library

Come blog with us!

LifeOmic is a leader in terms of providing personalized health information, tracking and recommendations on-the-go, to users who may not otherwise be seeking information about healthy behaviors and lifestyle. Within just three months of starting our health science blog (, we are averaging tens-of-thousands of views per month with at least several hundred visitors per day. Our first LIFE app, LIFE Fasting Tracker, had thousands of downloads on the Apple App Store in its first month and the momentum has continued to increase. With blog content to be embedded dynamically in our LIFE apps for health tracking, with personalized targeting based on user and patient needs, the potential reach of guest blog content published with LifeOmic is vast.

Guest Blogging Opportunity

LifeOmic is looking for top-notch evidence-based health and science bloggers to bring on as official guest bloggers for the LifeOmic LIFE apps website blog and LIFE apps in-app educational content. Our guest bloggers have the opportunity to get in early and grow their content and reputation with us, with huge opportunities for growth and positive influence on the health and science literacy of our current and prospective LIFE app users.

LifeOmic will vet all Guest Bloggers, and will select individuals with superior writing skills as well as rigorous, evidence-based content production practices (e.g. citing and hyperlinking primary scientific sources, providing necessary context to improve health literacy without hyping individual research studies, etc.). All Guest Bloggers will be experts and influencers in their respective fields (with at least M.S., Ph.D. or M.D. degrees, or equivalent).

Why Be a LifeOmic Guest Blogger?

Scientists and science communicators who become LifeOmic Guest Bloggers will vastly amplify the reach of their work and science communication content, getting their writing or other content in front of audiences who want/need health science information but might not follow other online sources such as science blogs. Reach outside of your online echo chambers and make a real impact by producing content you care about for LifeOmic’s blog(s) and LIFE app Learning Libraries, reaching people with just-in-time content that can help them live healthier or increase their science/health literacy.

Official LifeOmic Guest Bloggers will:

  • Be featured on the LifeOmic / LIFE apps website(s), with photo(s), a content-rich bio, and links to the blogger’s blog, website, social media sites, etc.
  • Retain ownership over the content they produce for the LifeOmic health and science blog, which will be published to LifeOmic’s blog (we recommend licensing under Creative Commons for maximum exposure) . 
  • Have prominent by-lines on all content they produce, on LifeOmic’s blog site(s) as well as in the LIFE apps.
  • Have blog content they write prominently featured on LifeOmic’s blog site(s), LifeOmic’s public-facing social media accounts (accounts for all LIFE apps), and in LifeOmic’s LIFE apps within a dedicated educational “Learning Library.” Content may also be pushed to LIFE app users (via in-app messaging, etc.) based on personalized health information and interests for each user. This includes a vast potential reach, with potentially hundreds of thousands of app users signed up for LIFE with organizational wellness programs, healthcare providers, clinical research studies, online health, fitness and disease communities, etc. seeing LifeOmic Guest Bloggers’ content in their LIFE Learning Library.
  • Potentially receive compensation or sponsorship opportunities with LifeOmic and LIFE app partners, for new, prospective users introduced to LIFE and for content produced that serves the needs of potential partners (e.g. educational nutrition blog content geared to patients with particular disease, sponsored by LIFE app partners who may be non-profits around particular diseases and patient engagement, etc.)
  • Be featured regularly on LifeOmic’s social media pages, with links back to their own social media accounts, websites, etc.
  • Receive article / blog post copy-editing and optional in-depth feedback, science communication advice and consulting, and one-on-one science social media training with LifeOmic’s Director of Social Media and SciComm Paige Brown Jarreau (author of From The Lab Bench blog).

How to Be a LifeOmic Guest Blogger

LifeOmic Guest Bloggers will contribute blog content related to their field of expertise, in the form of 1) Wordpress drafts drafts, uploaded to a Wordpress blog at a LIFE apps website with author permissions, and/or 2) Word documents or Google doc drafts submitted for publishing directly to LIFE apps website, in-app Learning Library, etc. Both text and multimedia blogging content (written blog posts, podcasts, video blog posts, illustration-focused blog content, etc.) are welcome.

Scientists and science communicators are invited to be official Guest Bloggers with LifeOmic based on the ability to create content regularly, on a schedule that works for the individual blogger (at least one article/post every 2-3 months).

Scientists and science communicators who are experts in and produce content related to the following fields are encouraged to apply to the LifeOmic Guest Blogging program:

  • Exercise physiology, exercise science and fitness
  • Intermittent fasting and caloric restriction mechanisms and outcomes
  • Longevity science and molecular mechanisms
  • Circadian rhythm biology
  • Sleep science
  • Nutrition, nutrition recommendations for particular diseases, health interventions based on nutrition/diet, food science, evidence-based healthy recipes, etc.
  • Mindfulness, stress reduction, meditation, etc. from a biology and molecular biology standpoint
  • Disease management
  • Basic and applied science of human diseases of aging, diabetes, metabolism, cancer, etc.
  • Basic and applied science of health, wellness and fitness
  • Precision medicine
  • Genomics and genetics of human disease
  • Health technology, health apps, etc.
  • Human psychology related to health behavior, health behavior change, patient engagement
  • Other health and medicine-related topics

Interested potential Guest Bloggers should fill out this form to register and learn more.


Official LifeOmic Guest Bloggers will produce evidence-based content of interest to health-conscious health tracking app users, as well as researchers and clinicians interested in precision medicine and lifestyle health interventions and clinical studies. LifeOmic Guest Bloggers will abide by the highest accuracy and ethical standards in science communication, including citing all claims based on primary scientific sources/literature, interviewing relevant outside experts when needed and reviewing a vast array of evidence before making any claims or health recommendations within a blog post, avoiding causing harm at all costs with claims or interpretations in blog posts related to health/medical research, etc.

All blog content will be fact-checked and copyedited by LifeOmic and by outside experts contacted by LifeOmic where appropriate. Any content that doesn’t meet the highest standards of accurate and ethical science communication may not be published.

Blog content should be detailed, educational and engaging without an overabundance of jargon – scientific terms should be explained and content should be catered to a 6-9th grade reading level. However, Guest Bloggers will also retain a large editorial freedom over their content, with content primarily edited for scientific accuracy and accessibility, and are encouraged to be creative and submit content related to topics they are a most passionate about.

Interested? Apply now or contact Paige Jarreau at with questions!