LifeOmic VP of Laboratory Operations Bonny Van to Present at AACC 2017

Bonny Van, LifeOmic’s VP of Laboratory Operations, is scheduled to moderate and speak at The American Association of Clinical Chemistry 2017 Annual Conference in San Diego on July 30.  The workshop is titled “Preparing for Infectious Diseases—Known or Unknown”, and AACC highlights it as follows:

     ‘At AACC University: Trio of experts to highlight guidelines, best practices for clinical lab biosafety.’

“While we will touch on highly infectious organisms such as Ebola, the purpose of the session is to raise general awareness about the possibility of encountering a clinical specimen from a patient who was not previously identified to have that highly infective agent,” Bonny said.

Bonny is a long-time AACC member and conference participant, and she currently serves on the following AACC entities:

  • Personalized Medicine Division
  • Molecular Pathology Division
  • Policy and External Affairs Core Committee
  • Management Sciences and Patient Safety Division
  • The Biosafety and Biosecurity Safety Committee (in affiliation with the Association for Public Health Laboratories (APHL))