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Metabolic syndrome is becoming increasingly common, effecting up to one-third of U.S. adults. The healthcare costs to treat patients with Metabolic Syndrome were almost double when compared to prediabetic patients with similar risk factors ($8,067 vs. $4,638 over 24 months).

Because of the economic burden treatment of Metabolic Syndrome has on the healthcare system, being able to help patients make and track behavioral changes leading to a reduction in metabolic syndrome diagnoses is critical.

Treating, Managing and Preventing Metabolic Syndrome with the Precision Health Cloud & LIFE Extend

Metabolic Syndrome is a multifactorial by nature, and effectively preventing, managing and treating Metabolic Syndrome requires a multifactorial solution addressing the chief challenges facing both clinicians and patients. Thus, an appropriate management therapy will simultaneously address the multifactorial nature of Metabolic Syndrome, to include lifestyle changes, healthy eating patterns, increased physical activity and weight management. Approaches are recommended by various health organizations (American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and The Obesity Society, among others) as a sound therapeutic strategy for persons with Metabolic Syndrome or who are at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome.

There are three chief challenges clinicians face when treating or working to prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome:

  1. Efficiently combining a patient’s unique genetics and biomarker information and their cardio-metabolic test results, then tailoring recommendations to their daily lives in a way that maximizes impact towards the target outcome.
  2. Tracking and measuring the impact of adherence to the discussed lifestyle changes – including efficiently communicating with patients to provide feedback and changes, as well as receive feedback.
  3. Arming the patient with the educational resources to understand the impact specific lifestyle changes can have on metabolic syndrome – both on their life and their finances.

From our Precision Health Cloud (PHC) and SkillSpring telehealth platforms to the end-user LIFE Extend Mobile application and Lifeology health literacy platform, we arm clinicians with the tools needed to effectively treat patients with Metabolic syndrome.

Impacting Metabolic Disease Diagnoses with Engagement and Insight

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Communication & Adherence

Patients are also able to see treatment plans – from medications reminders and pain level questionnaires to weigh-ins and appointments – within the LIFE Extend mobile app. Clinicians and their teams are able to configure these tasks within the PHC and have them delivered automatically while patients are able to access these reminders in the mobile app, while also receiving notifications reminders via email, push or within the app.

Clinicians are able to track completion of tasks and as well use data collected into the PHC from LIFE Extend to intervene when necessary, catching lapses before they result in health complications.

Finally, patients are able to connect directly via voice and video with clinicians and their practice virtually from LIFE Extend, reducing the overhead of having patients come into your office for your team while also shortening the turnaround time for appointments.

Tracking & Analysis

The Precision Health Cloud allows clinicians to plot user reported data like activity minutes or healthy plant consumption from the app alongside the patients biomarkers. Quantifying and analyzing the impact the plan is having on the patient’s metabolic disease prevention or management is easy, as well as the ability to add notes within the patient’s profile.

The data highlighting the progress along with personalized feedback from the clinician can be accessed from within LIFE Extend by the patient, bringing them back to the app for even better adherence to the plan.

Education Resources & Intervention Access

Using our health literacy platform Lifeology, highly engaging educational cards can help patients understand the multifactorial inputs and outputs that contribute to metabolic disease prevention, management and treatment. Providing insights into the increases in healthcare related costs as a result of diabetes, hypertension, etc., can also serve as additional motivation for patients.


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