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Make your knowledge & expertise available in real-time.

Connect your team with customers via phone, video and screen share in real-time.

Manage scheduling, billing and connecting from a single tool.

Automate billing, scheduling and availability without needing additional tools.

Differentiate yourself with personalized, human connections.

Create a unique value proposition to stand out from the crowded market.

Robust Communication Capabilities

LifeOmic Connect enables real-time & prescheduled voice, screen share and video communications for businesses of any size. Whether your goal is to generate additional revenue by monetizing your expertise or by providing a greater customer experience, personalizing connections with your customers and community is essential.

Easy Implementation

Connect’s simple implementation with any website means companies and professionals can begin having conversations on day 1.

Embrace Personalized Connections

Experience the lift that comes from making yourself available to your customers on-demand. Today.

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