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People are at the Center of Precision Health

Whether you are an individual improving your own health, an employer seeking a healthier and more productive workplace, a health care provider seeking a more effective way to provide better care at scale, or a researcher who wants more accurate and integrated patient data, you realize that people are at the center of your best way forward. LifeOmic is the only precision health software company that provides a portfolio of award-winning mobile applications designed for all people. Our secure and scalable cloud platform empowers you with data.

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Introducing LIFE Ascent, the 52-week program to lose weight, get healthy and build lifelong habits. Sign up now.

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LifeOmic’s LIFE Apps content network and mobile apps provide the missing link in precision health. LIFE enables users to take informed action on their personal health goals and patients to connect to healthcare providers.

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The #1 Intermittent Fasting Tracking Application for iOS and Android. LIFE Fasting Tracker is the easiest and most social way to fast. Download for free.

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LIFE Extend® improves healthspan through five evidence-based pillars of wellness. LIFE Extend is the first precision health mobile app that empowers users to take control of their own health through science-based interventions, content and connections with researchers and clinicians. Learn how LIFE Extend helps connect healthcare providers and academic researchers or download for free.

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LIFE Extend Features

5 Pillars of Health

Circles and challenges - be healthy together

Today Screen - your health todo list

Health Recommendations

Learning Library - Learn and Live


LifeOmic® has partnered with the Indiana Clinical Translational Science Institute, a collaboration between Indiana University, Purdue and Notre Dame, to use LIFE Extend to support the All IN for Health population health iniative. The partnership provides Indiana residents additional content and access to clincal research opportunities with the goal of improving health outcomes and literacy in the state.

Contact us to learn how you can accelerate your population health initiatives with the leading, consumer facing precision health mobile app and cloud platform.