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Easy to use and understand. Builds your audience’s confidence. Increases retention and engagement.

We asked participants who had completed a recent LifeOmic course about their experience. Aggregated below are themes from our 221 respondents.


stated the format made it easy to learn and understand the information provided.


agreed the course was easy to use.


were likely to use the information they learned in their daily lives.


would share the information with others.

The ultimate communication tool that engages a broader audience in science, health and research

We use storytelling and beautiful art to motivate people to learn more. Our “flashcard” format helps more people easily understand science and health topics. Work with the LifeOmic Enterprise service or directly with the global community of artists and science communicators to develop beautifully illustrated, science-backed, bite-sized digital “flashcard” courses.


Digital Mini Courses

Fully customizable and brandable mobile-ready digital courses that can be accessed from any browser.


Unlimited scalability, very secure and super flexible platform.

Performance Analytics

Detailed analytics on course performance, down to the level of time spent on each card.

Sci-Art Collaboration

Collaborate with the sci-comm team and our community for custom storyboarding, art, writing and course creation.


Users can pick up courses where they left off, see a list of courses they’ve completed in their profiles and get notifications when new courses are published by topic or author.

Coming Soon

Ability to quiz readers, take polls throughout courses and analyze the results.

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