Deliver Custom Care Pathways with Configurable Mobile App

  • Modular design enables the app to be configured to meet the needs of different providers and disease states.
  • Incorporates the full spectrum of personal health data including EMR, wearables, biometric, surveys, genomic sequencing and biomarkers.
  • LifeOmic’s robust educational content library can enable disease- specific care pathways.
  • Built in audio/video access (individual and group) enabling telehealth, support groups or education delivery.
  • Customized with your organization’s name and branding

Patient apps used by healthcare systems or provider networks are often limited to scheduling and health record visibility. LifeOmic’s configurable mobile app was designed for clinicians, health systems and researchers to deliver a customized care pathway that is integrated with the healthcare team. It can ensure adherence to care pathways, support recovery at home, track participation in research and clinical trial studies and more.

Improve delivery, efficacy and understanding

EMR Integrations

Create a seamless patient experience with a single app designed to integrate disconnected systems.

Configurable App Components

Ensure the efficacy of your study or treatment with complete control of the app components.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Engage with your participants in a beautiful mobile app configured with your organization’s content, integrations and logo.

All in One Design

Manage eConsent, distribute surveys, assign tasks or share discharge plans from a single app.

Robust Analytics

Glean insights and power robust data analysis from your survey results.

Wearable & Device Integrations

Automate collection of data from medical devices and participant wearable devices ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Streamline care with our Patient Mobile App. Learn more today and explore some of the app features from the patient perspective.

Features of the Patient App

Access EMR Apps& Video Calling

Make telehealth appointments, send appointment reminders, check in for appointments, and more with access to EMR-linked applications. Plus, directly engage with patients through 1:1 and group video calling.

Keep Patients on Trackwith Digital Binders

Prepare patients for upcoming procedures with digital treatment binders and assess post-surgical recovery. Keep patients on track – easily collect e-consent, surveys and patient-reported outcomes.

Deliver Resources& Educational Content

Show recovery plan details and progression with resources and co-created educational content. Give patients and caregivers confidence in what they might expect.

Access a Patient Portal& Track Activity

Create daily outpatient programs with custom content or use of our extensive library. Access a patient portal and provide daily tasks and goal setting. Track activity, nutrition, sleep, water intake, and social interactions.

LifeOmic Wins “Best Patient Data Security Solution” in MedTech Breakthrough Award Program

We believe every patient deserves to know that their sensitive health information is being handled with the utmost care and protection.

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Enable as many features as you'd like...

Gamification, habit tracking, learning library, social circles, integrations and more.

Or as few features as you'd like...

Just surveys and tasks.

Collect the data you need

The Platform allows researchers or clinicians to choose specific details they would like participants or patients to track. These data points can be aggregated alongside survey responses for powerful insights.

Ensure security and compliance with enterprise-grade standards

LifeOmic mobile apps are built on the LifeOmic Platform, which offers a secure, infinitely scalable solution for researchers and clinicians. The LifeOmic Platform is HITRUST CSF certified, supporting compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.