The LifeOmic® Precision Health Cloud (PHC) is a secure, reliable and scalable platform that enables researchers and clinicians to develop and deliver Precision Medicine.

The PHC was architected by the team that created one of the most complex cloud applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was developed as a cloud first model, using the most secure, scalable design paradigms including a zero trust security model and serverless computing.

The PHC is a true platform, enabling our customers to store, combine and analyze data with any set of tools. We also deliver several key applications built on top of the PHC such as our Subject Viewer.

Precision Health Cloud Architecture

The Benefits of Microservices and Serverless Computing

Microservice-oriented architectures cost effectively deliver virtually limitless scalability and high security cost effectively.

Each unit of functionality is packaged as its own service. Serverless computing is used extensively so the microservice can be created, do its work in parallel and be shut down. This delivers:

  • Cost effectiveness – you are not paying for resources you are not using.
  • Scalability and performance – Microservices can be created in parallel delivering the best performance and scalability.
  • Security – Since each microservice is decoupled, if there ever was a security issue, it would be isolated to only one microservice thus the risk of information leakage would be drastically reduced. Additionally, transient serverless computing means that patching (the lack of which is the most common cause of exploits) happens much more quickly.
Microservices Architecture

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