Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Automatically Transcribe Faxes and Scanned Documents

Data ingestion, especially from unstructured sources, is a headwind to realize the advantages of precision health. Unfortunately, healthcare is fraught with poor quality printed documents and faxes that need to be structured to be actionable. Typically, they are either scanned into an EMR as a file attachment or even worse, end up in a filing cabinet. 

The Precision Health Cloud, through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), can automatically turn faxes and scanned medical documents into structured data.

This technology is easy to use, cost-effective and highly accurate. Even the messiest and illegible documents can be interpreted. Procedures, observations, medications and interventions are automatically highlighted. The contents of the document can easily be searched. Once the data is structured, it is converted to FHIR resources that can be used in the Precision Health Cloud as well as integrated back into your EMR systems.

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Automatically transcribe the messiest of faxes.
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