Surveys and Patient Reported Outcomes

Surveys are a key component in patient-reported outcomes (PRO or ePRO) to support both research and clinical applications. It is important to have a platform that makes creating, managing and delivering surveys easy for researchers and clinicians. It is also critical to have a platform that makes it easy for patients to find and complete surveys – wherever and whenever. Finally, analyzing the survey responses, especially in conjunction with other data from the patient, gives researchers and clinicians the tools they need to accelerate research and deliver better patient outcomes.

The Precision Health Cloud supports even the most complex surveys with conditional branching. The interactive survey builder makes it easy to create and maintain the surveys. 

The Precision Health Cloud supports the following survey features:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, no installation required
  • Intuitive survey builder that allows for custom question types and branching logic
  • HIPAA, HITRUST CSF certified and FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Secure data storage in the Precision Health Cloud (PHC) for analysis
  • Ability to perform complex analysis by overlaying clinical data, genomics, wearables, medical devices and other patient-reported data
  • Clean and modern user interface
  • Intelligent survey assignment
  • eConsent integration and versioning controls
  • Responses stored as HL7 FHIR data 
  • Desktop- and mobile-friendly
  • Easy to view result aggregations and participant demographic data
  • Dashboard to see survey status, time/date stamps and audit trail
  • Scheduling capabilities and reminders
  • Intelligent real-time email alerts based on responses
  • Ability to embed educational content
  • Surveys for the researcher to complete or the participant

AdventHealth, a large healthcare system headquartered in FL, received approval to run a population health study requiring genomic testing and participant-reported data over time. The AdventHealth research team created a custom consent and a series of surveys using the LifeOmic® Precision Health Cloud’s intuitive interface. Participants were able to review, accept, and manage their own consent as well as survey responses electronically.

AdventHealth and LifeOmic partner on population health initiatives

Advantages of LifeOmic Surveys


Your survey-generated data is in HL7 FHIR which allows for increased interoperability with other healthcare systems. 


With our mobile-friendly integration, participants can take the survey on their own time on any mobile or desktop device as well as from our LIFE Extend mobile application. You can also manage your projects and data anytime and anywhere from the Precision Health Cloud which eliminates the need to install any software.


LifeOmic Surveys also has subject filtering capabilities that allow you to ask complex questions of survey results and participant demographic data. You can also conduct complex analysis by overlaying any survey data in LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud (PHC) with available clinical data, genomics, wearables, medical devices and other patient-reported data.


In some cases, your survey data is the window into a patient. With our real-time results, you can be in the loop with responses. You can even customize alerts based on a participant’s response to a question. For example, if you want to be notified instantly if a participant is recording a concerning blood pressure metric, you can get an email once a threshold number has been reported.


Our platform was built with security in mind. It is HIPAA compliant as well as HITRUST CSF certified. In addition, the Precision Health Cloud’s eConsent can be configured to meet United States (U.S.) Federal Regulation Title 21, Chapter 1, Part 11 – commonly referred to as 21 CFR Part 11. You can rest assured the document security and authenticity are adequately maintained as part of our electronic records process.

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