Surveys and Patient Reported Outcomes

Surveys are a key component in patient-reported outcomes (PRO or ePRO) to support both research and clinical applications.

It is important to have a platform that makes creating, managing and delivering surveys easy for researchers and clinicians.

It is also critical to have a platform that makes it easy for patients to find and complete surveys – wherever and whenever.

Finally, analyzing the survey responses, especially in conjunction with other data from the patient, gives researchers and clinicians the tools they need to accelerate research and deliver better patient outcomes.

The Precision Health Cloud supports even the most complex surveys with conditional branching. The interactive survey builder makes it easy to create and maintain the surveys.

Users can take the surveys on their computers, tablets, mobile phone browser or in the LIFE Extend application.

Finally, the analytics tools in the Precision Health Cloud make it easy to see survey progress for each individual as well as perform complex analysis overlaying data reported from the survey with all other data available in the Precision Health Cloud including clinical data, genomics, wearables, medical devices and other patient reported data.  

The Precision Health Cloud supports the following survey features:

  • Creation of surveys via an intuitive survey builder
  • Support for complex branching logic and conditional questions.
  • Invite participants directly via the Precision Health Cloud or through a web link
  • User can take survey on any device through their web browser or in the LIFE Extend web app.
  • Dashboard to see survey status, time / date stamps and audit trail
  • Fully integrated with eConsent functionality
  • FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

AdventHealth, a large healthcare system headquartered in FL, received approval to run a population health study requiring genomic testing and participant-reported data over time. The AdventHealth research team created a custom consent and a series of surveys using the LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud’s intuitive interface. Participants were able to review, accept, and manage their own consent as well as survey responses electronically.

AdventHealth and LifeOmic partner on population health initiatives

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