Your faculty, instructors and staff share a common mission: Empower students to think critically, solve problems and perform at their best both inside and outside of the classroom. But to do this, your employees need to perform at their best and they need to be resilient to stressors that could otherwise trickle down to students. 

Unfortunately, faculty, teaching assistants and academic researchers report high levels of stress and low levels of physical and psychological well-being compared to individuals in other professions. They are subject to work overload and emotional labor. They experience high rates of depression, stress and anxiety that can lead to burnout.

“[I]f teaching is the main source of faculty burnout, doesn’t it follow that our teaching — and our students’ learning — will suffer the more stressed and exhausted we become?” - The Chronicle of Higher Education
 How can you ensure that you have high-performing university staff and faculty with the tools, energy and motivation to empower your students and prioritize their learning? Start by helping your institution beat stress and feel their best with a wellness program that puts them first and just works

It Is Time for the Next-generation of Wellness Program for Academic Institutions

Most corporate wellness programs fall well short of their goals and fail to generate any return on investment, including healthy behavior change. LifeOmic has taken a different approach by applying technologies battle-tested in the world of precision medicine and patient engagement. 

LifeOmic Wellness consists of the following:

A mobile app, LIFE Extend

that employs gamification, social interaction, entertaining educational materials, modern UX design and personalized recommendations in order to drive adoption.

LIFE Extend prioritizes user experience and engagement to help your employees enjoy tracking and improving their health. Your employees can connect with each other via social Circles in the app, as well as with friends and family. 

A simple to use but powerful Wellness management platform, based on LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud.

With this platform, you can track your employees’ progress based on any number of health measures collected through the LIFE Extend app, be alerted of negative trends and reward healthy behaviors and work-life balance, all while preserving employee privacy. You can also use this platform to promote health challenges, manage in-app educational and promotional content, send out surveys, collect feedback and more.

An overall grounding in evidence-based techniques

that are scientifically validated to improve health, boost stress resistance and decrease disease risk.

Advantages of the LifeOmic Wellness Solution

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve Performance

Build an Amazing Culture

Integrations with your HR systems

Import From Your HR Systems Easily

  • Easy to get started and manage. You won’t have to deploy any software or manage any servers with our cloud and mobile solution. Users simply click a link to install the LifeOmic LIFE Extend mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, and affiliate with your company’s account.
  • Simple integration with your existing HR and other systems. The LIFE Extend wellness solution can be integrated with your internal systems quickly and easily. An open API makes it easy to integrate with other applications including identity management, HR, CRM and other systems. Through an extensible suite of “applets” that appear as additional tiles on the homescreen of the LIFE Extend app, you can provide your employees with mobile access to important HR information, the ability to easily report a sick day and schedule a doctor’s appointment, the ability to check the balance of a Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account, the ability to request assistance with a medical problem, and more.
  • Deep engagement and the power of Social. LIFE Extend is social first, using social connections to foster healthy behaviors. With the app, your employees can connect, send encouragement and share their progress visually with peers, friends and family.
    Users can also connect with health professionals and coaches directly through the LIFE Extend app. You can even create a directory of service providers such as physicians in your employees’ health insurance network, weight-loss coaches, dieticians, mental health counselors and other experts that employees can talk to in real-time. 
  • Health education made simple. LifeOmic Wellness prioritizes health literacy. With the app’s Learning Library and other resources, you can deliver ready-made educational materials or create your own to raise awareness of stressors that individuals may face in your workplace and provide concrete, realistic solutions. 
    Take advantage of our daily health challenges or develop your own to help your employees beat stress and improve their health through reasonable behaviors like sleep hygiene, mindful breathing and daily exercise.
  • Tapping into the Quantified Self movement. Inexpensive devices such as fitness trackers, glucose meters, wireless blood pressure cuffs and many others are increasingly available and can collect valuable data that are integrated into the LifeOmic Wellness solution. Your employees can take a more active role in understanding their own genetic backgrounds and physiological parameters in order to improve their health and day-to-day performance.
  • Tight security. The LifeOmic solution is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified.
  • Unlimited scalability. LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud currently stores hundreds of terabytes of patient data for various cancer and precision health research efforts around the U.S. 1 in 250 adults in the U.S. currently use LifeOmic’s mobile applications.

LifeOmic Wellness uses Precision Health technology to deliver Precision Wellness to your employees.

Engaging yet Serious

Employees use the LifeOmic LIFE Extend application, one of the top health and wellness apps on the App Store and Google Play. All data is stored in the ultra-secure Precision Health Cloud, the same cloud platform used by hospitals and academic research centers nationwide.  

Scientifically Proven Five Pillars of Health

The core of the LifeOmic Wellness solution is the five pillars of health – plant based nutrition, activity, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting. Based on hundreds of scientific studies, these pillars will improve your employees health.

Genomic and Molecular Testing

LifeOmic’s relationship with genomic and biomarker testing partners makes it easy and inexpensive for your employees to get actionable insight that will positively impact their health.

Device Integrations

Employees can do self mini-checkups using fitness wearables, connected scales, blood pressure cuffs, spirometers and more to monitor their improvements. We support seamless connection to Fitbit, Oura and all Healthkit devices with additional integrations coming soon.

Intelligent Recommendations

Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, LifeOmic Wellness will create and deliver tailored recommendations to improve health as well as identify areas employees should proactively discuss with their doctor.

Connect with Research

LIFE Extend provides the ability for employees to connect with researchers and clinical trials to improve their health. Surveys and consent management make it easy to participate.

It's Time to Activate Precision Wellness for Your Company

LifeOmic Wellness will activate precision health within your technology company. Because it is cloud and mobile, deploying our platform across your institution takes minutes, not months. Users can download the LIFE Extend app and link to your institution in a single click.