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Academic Medical Centers Accelerating Research Through Precision Health

Leading Academic Medical Centers are accelerating research and clinical application to dramatically improve disease treatment.

Much of medical research today is focused around big data and analysis. However, today’s tools make it difficult to perform such analysis across separate data domains.

EMR/EHRs are not a research tool, and using cloud infrastructure directly requires a significant investment to build, run, manage, secure and deploy custom software. The computational complexity and size of health data are growing exponentially, outsizing even the largest university computing clusters. Additionally, common legacy software tools like REDCap make it difficult to combine patient-reported outcomes with other data types in a structured, actionable way. Finally, so much of patients’ medical records are in faxes and documents leaving it unstructured and unactionable. 

The LifeOmic® Precision Health Cloud (PHC) gives you the software platform you need to accelerate your research and get the most value from all of your data.

The PHC is a cloud-based platform that can store data from disparate systems including your electronic health records (EHR), imaging, lab and genome sequencing tools. The built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can automatically transcribe and convert even the messiest faxes and scanned documents into structured, actionable data. The data are indexed and can be easily queried to streamline analysis. Additionally, the PHC provides a set of machine learning algorithms that are constantly analyzing your data to uncover deep insights and new relationships.

The PHC platform provides standards based API’s for loading, analyzing and downloading resultant data. Additionally, PHC provides a set of valuable prebuilt applications including a Subject Viewer.

Plus, PHC is cost-effective, requiring no up-front fees, no expensive consultants and no long-term contracts.

Limitless Visualization

The Precision Health Cloud for Clinical Care Teams provides limitless data aggregation and visualization all while giving you the tools to easily control who has access to which patient data across the entire care team and your healthcare system. PHC for Clinicians’ focused dashboards enable you to visualize all patient data quickly and in one place to get the most complete picture of a patient and how they are improving or getting worse to make the best clinical decision.

  • Overlay custom data fields to identify potential correlation
  • Quickly view trends over time on any data point
  • Monitor patient progress with wearable and medical device integrations 
  • Create custom cohorts to monitor group data trends
  • Deep dive into participation and completion status of custom programs alongside individual health outcomes

Plus, the platform is both HIPAA complaint and HITRUST CSF Certified to ensure your patient data is secure while minimizing capital expense and operating cost. 

Monitor and Support Patients 24/7

With our customizable and HIPAA-compliant mobile app, you can control any and all information shared directly with your patients while collecting the data you need to conduct “virtual rounds” or research study.

Options include:

  • Build and send custom surveys or eConsent (i.e Request daily wound selfies using a photo upload question to monitor healing progress or daily pain survey) 
  • Monitor patient progress with consumer wearables and medical device integrations (Abbott, Biotronik, Medtronic and Boston Scientific)
  • Share custom care plans including discharge instructions or recommended to-dos
  • Create a social support group for patients with similar diagnosis
  • Send tailored educational materials
  • Ability for patient to view their own health trends over time
  • Connect via on-demand or scheduled tele-health call

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