Helping Cardiologists Deliver the Best Care and Prevention to Patients

As a cardiologist today, you have an unprecedented opportunity to drive better outcomes for your patients and reduce heart disease risk among broader populations.

Insights gleaned from patient-generated data, medical devices, wearable data, behavioral data, social determinants of health, -omic and exposome data are enabling increasingly precise, individualized and effective cardiovascular treatments and preventative interventions.

The problem is that your ability to harness these data for your own patients is hindered by legacy and siloed software systems. Your unprecedented access to data from implanted and measurement devices, images, labs, past medical records, comorbidities and more is of little use when these data are scattered through disparate systems. You are missing the complete picture.

You are likely sending your patients home after procedures with binders of information on paper that is confusing, not individualized and potentially even conflicting. You know you can do better, but you need help.

The right technologies could help you solve issues of invaluable but “useless” fragmented and unstructured data, patient education and patient engagement and adherence all in one. However, most of the software you use today only reinforces the fragmentation of data and outdated models of physician-patient communication.

Imagine having all of the information you need to make the most effective recommendations, diagnoses and treatments for each of your patients in a single system. Think about a world where you could deliver care and education outside of your clinical setting in a personalized yet scalable way. Imagine how much it would help you to have a system that learns and predicts across all patient data. Imagine being able to meaningfully increase patient adherence in a way that was social, interactive and fun for your patients, while being manageable and measurable for you.

LifeOmic® created the Precision Health Cloud for Cardiology to aggregate all of your longitudinal data from the EMR, imaging equipment, implanted devices, monitoring devices, labs, patient-acquired data, sequencing and more.

Data integration to your existing electronic medical record system, lab vendors, medical device vendors and more.

Easily customizable dashboards to integrate views of your patients.

LIFE Extend mobile app for surveys, care plans, recommendations, communications and progress.

Create Circles in LIFE Extend to provide your patients an opportunity to interact with other patients or their care staff.

Cloud-based and highly secure. No software to install or maintain.

PHC's cardiology focused dashboards enable you to visualize all patient data quickly and in one place to get the most complete picture of a patient and how they are improving or getting worse. It is easy to create, visualize and manage cohorts of patients to identify what treatments and interventions are working best for which patients, taking into account a variety of criteria.

Presentation: The Precision Health Cloud, in conjunction with the LIFE Extend mobile app, facilitate same-day discharge for device implants – improving patient satisfaction and saving the healthcare system money.

Dr. Chad Bonhomme , Medical Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology at Community Health Network details the POD1 protocol in this Heart Rhythm Society presentation. This protocol, which is being deployed at Community Health Networks, uses a variety of data elements to enable the care team to discharge a surgical implant patient the same day while allowing patient recovery in their own home. The solution is delivered through LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud and the LIFE Extend app. The cloud-based PHC dashboard is used by the care team for virtual rounding where they can sign off on the POD1 check, monitor interrogation data from implanted device, as well as initiate a quick video visit. The LIFE Extend app allows for an ongoing flow of patient reported information via surveys and wound selfies.

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Through the Precision Health Cloud, you can easily control who has access to which patient data across the entire care team and your healthcare system. Additionally, LifeOmic’s mobile LIFE Extend® application provides a conduit to the patient when they are not in a clinical setting. You can provide educational content, track adherence to interventions, survey patients and more, all within an app that is designed to engage, encourage and delight the end user.

LIFE Extend also promotes heart healthy behaviors through the 5 pillars of health: anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and intermittent fasting. By combining a health and wellness application with the ability to educate and connect clinicians and researchers with patients, it provides the missing links of delivering precision cardiology at scale.

The Precision Health Cloud is cloud-based and highly secure. It is both HIPAA complaint and HITRUST CSF Certified to ensure your patient data is secure while minimizing capital expense and operating cost. The Precision Health Cloud connects to the systems you use today, so there is no need to use different systems or vendors.

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