Functional Medicine

Enabling Functional Medicine Practices to Offer Better Patient Outcomes at Scale

As a functional medicine practitioner, every day you are trying to help patients who have dozens or hundreds of complicated symptoms. Additionally, you are attempting to manage their conditions while only being able to spend a small amount of time with them in a clinical setting.

Technology can be an excellent enabler of two-way communication and patient data collection in this context. But today’s EMRs are definitely not the answer; they are not built to fully use data to drive better diagnosis and treatments, or to engage the patient. You need software that is easy to use yet provides a repository for all patient data including clinical observations, lab results, genetic sequencing, patient survey data and data from wearables. You also need the ability to quickly visualize the insights that matter and push alerts, recommendations and check-ins to your patients.

The Precision Health Cloud for Functional Medicine was built to provide the software to help you deliver personalized functional medicine, at scale. The Precision Health Cloud directly integrates with your EMR to obtain patient data, observations and lab values. It also incorporates data from patient surveys delivered through our patient-validated and fully customizable mobile application and wearables such as Fitbit, Garmin, continuous glucose monitors and more.

Data integration to your existing electronic medical record system to make EMR data actionable.

Easily customizable dashboards to integrate views of your patients.

Fully customizable patient-facing mobile app for surveys, care plans, recommendations, communications and progress.

Integrations to wearable devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and continuous glucose monitors.

Cloud-based and highly secure. No software to install or maintain.

You can seamlessly visualize patient data in easy to customize dashboards. In addition to the individual patient view, you can easily look across your entire patient population and build and store cohorts that enable you to understand which interventions and treatments are most effective for whom.

Patient acquired data is a key tenant of functional medicine. Current survey solutions are cumbersome compared to the experience users demand of today’s consumer facing mobile applications.

Bring holistic wellness to your patients. Our holistic wellness mobile application, designed with the end consumer in mind. It focuses on 5 scientifically proven pillars of heath: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness and Intermittent Fasting.

All data collected through the mobile app is available in the Precision Health Cloud to give you a previously unavailable full view of your patients and their progress.

To support your functional medicine practice, we add to the mobile app the ability to easily survey your patients, create and push custom care plans, present individualized recommendations, deliver science-backed educational content and monitor your patients’ progress. Surveys, care plans and more can be delivered to individual patients or cohorts of patients. This enables you to fully implement and harness remote patient monitoring and get a much more complete, longitudinal view of your patients.

Patients can also join Circles where they can discuss their conditions and progress with other similar patients and your team, providing positive social reinforcement. The app also allows your patients to socially connect with family, friends and other people around them, providing vital social support.

The Precision Health Cloud platform in conjunction with the fully customizable mobile application will change how you deliver care to your patients. By getting a full view of your patients, you can deliver on the promise of precision health. Schedule a demo today to learn more.  The Precision Health Cloud is HIPAA compliant and highly secure, having received the intensive HITRUST CSF Certification. It is cloud-based so there is no software to install or maintain.

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