Accelerate Healthcare Application Development

Whether you are developing medical devices, wearables or pure software solutions, ensuring that data are easily uploaded, searched, combined and analyzed is imperative. However, developing a scalable, reliable and secure solution is difficult, time consuming and costly. LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud (PHC) can accelerate your time-to-market by delivering the most advanced cloud platform for storing, retrieving and analyzing your data.

  • The PHC is cloud-based, delivering virtually infinite scalability securely and reliably.
  • The PHC was architected for security and is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified and SOC 2 Certified.
  • The PHC uses standards-based FHIR and REST API’s to access data and supports web apps, mobile applications, business intelligence tools, interactive notebooks like R Studio and Jupyter Notebook and on-premise software.
  • The PHC has a very flexible access control model to ensure data are only accessible by the correct users.
  • Flexible subscription pricing models support your business as you grow. No expensive consultants or burdensome onboarding required.

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