DevSecOps and Compliance

Achieving compliance and certifications such as HIPAA and HITRUST CSF takes time and resources. Based on past experiences, LifeOmic® took a security as code approach from day one. As a result, our PHC and LIFE platform achieved HITRUST certification in record time with a small security team.

We created JupiterOne® to help other cloud software companies do the same.

LifeOmic’s JupiterOne software solution significantly decreases the time and effort required to achieve and maintain compliance and certifications like HIPAA and HITRUST. JupiterOne enables you to fully orchestrate your cloud infrastructure and endpoints as well as reduce the noise and focus only on significant security events.

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Accelerate Healthcare Application Development

Whether you are developing medical devices, wearables or pure software solutions, ensuring that data are easily uploaded, searched, combined and analyzed is imperative. However, developing a scalable, reliable and secure solution is difficult, time consuming and costly. LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud (PHC) can accelerate your time-to-market by delivering the most advanced cloud platform for storing, retrieving and analyzing your data.

  • The PHC is cloud-based, delivering virtually infinite scalability securely and reliably.
  • The PHC was architected for security and is both HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified.
  • The PHC uses standards-based FHIR and REST API’s to access data and supports web apps, mobile applications, business intelligence tools, interactive notebooks like R Studio and Jupyter Notebook and on-premise software.
  • The PHC has a very flexible access control model to ensure data are only accessible by the correct users.
  • Flexible subscription pricing models support your business as you grow. No expensive consultants or burdensome onboarding required.
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