Individuals play a pivotal role in the delivery of precision and personalized health. Using the Precision Health Cloud, LifeOmic® has developed a portfolio of applications to promote health and wellness.

The LIFE Extend® mobile application provides a set of tools for you to manage your holistic health via 5 scientifically validated pillars of health. With LIFE Extend, you can improve your healthspan socially. You can also learn about new health research, receive personalized recommendations, connect with health care professionals and more.

Live in Indiana? LifeOmic® has partnered with the Indiana Clinical Translational Science Institute, a collaboration between Indiana University, Purdue and Notre Dame, to provide a special version of LIFE Extend. Through their All IN for Health initiative, Indiana residents can download a special, free version of LIFE Extend and All IN for Health giving them additional content and the ability to improve their health, and the health of Indiana, through clinical studies and trials.

The LIFE Apps health and wellness blogging network provides current, scientifically based health and wellness content. Our content focuses on five pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and intermittent fasting as well as additional topics such as cancer. All content is written by domain experts and references research and studies.

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