LifeOmic Precision Recovery

The Power of LifeOmic Precision Recovery

Improve ALOS

Reduce utilization and ALOS rate with increased same day discharge from accelerated device checks.

Maximize Staff

Reduce staffing needs due to flexing staff to decreased patient day volume.

Increase Adherence

Improve patient understanding and compliance of their care plan which reduces complications and readmissions.

Expedite Remote Checks

Collect additional biometric data that expedites remote checks with increased quality assurance.

Robust Data Aggregation and Analytics

Cloud-Native Platform

View patient data anywhere with our cloud-native platform. No software to install or maintain.


Create cohorts to compare and contrast different treatment methods and health or activity levels.


Analyze individual and population level across clinical, device, patient-reported and even genomic data in one screen.

Where You Want It

Use our out-of-the-box EHR integrations using SMART on FHIR (Cerner and Epic)


Anticipated annual cost savings


Annual reduction in ALOS

"With the implementation of [LifeOmic Precision Recovery] at Community Health Network, the Cardiac Electrophysiology department has been able to improve the medical device care workflow to benefit the hospital, the clinicians, and the patients. The project is a growing financial success, has facilitated prompt discharge without complication, and frees up clinicians and vendor personnel."

— Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Department

Built For Engagement

Track Patient Engagement & Collect Patient Reported Outcomes

Support and monitor patients remotely via our fully customizable, HIPAA-compliant, patient-facing mobile app built for engagement and ePRO collection. Configure your own experience with any or all of the following capabilities:

Simple Patient Onboarding

Patients simply need to download the mobile app and complete the consent to get started. Supports iOS and Android.

Collect Consent and Check-In Via Custom Surveys

Get a pulse on recovery with custom survey capabilities to ask questions around pain, fatigue and even photo upload for wound monitoring. Plus use our eConsent integration and versioning controls.

Assign Daily To-Dos

Implement a custom care plan that allows the patient to focus on what they need to do each day.

Track Compliance & Configure Intervention Alerts

Have visibility into whether a patient has taken their medication or has completed their recovery education and create alerts for patients who have gotten off track.

Monitor Lifestyle Behaviors

View behavioral activity via consumer wearable integrations with Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, Google Fit, Oura, Keto-Mojo, Biosense and Samsung Health.

Direct Medical Device Integrations

Track post-operative metrics with our device integrations with Medtronic, Biotronik, Abbott and Boston Scientific.

Enable Health Education

Build a health literacy program that combines a proven methodology of delivering localized and culturally relevant heath content. Deliver the content in the patient mobile app as to-do items in the care plan.

Power Telehealth In-App

Allow patients to easily connect directly with clinicians, nurses, researchers or other staff within the app to eliminate in-person visits following a procedure and more rapidly address complication concerns.

All of this data is securely stored in the LifeOmic Platform that is HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified and GDPR compliant. 

It's Not Only About What You See - But What You Can't

There are a lot of solutions available to support monitoring patients, both in and out of the hospital, attempting to increase efficiency for the clinical team. The problem is that each system – EHR, implanted medical devices, lab reports, patient reported data – are often disparate and you, as the clinician, must assemble and analyze the data manually. The clinical team must quickly make decisions for each event as they come in: all day, every day. Missing an important data point could be the reason for a costly overnight hospital stay or increased likelihood of readmission due to complications.

With LifeOmic Precision Recovery, clinicians can sort through the noise and unlock full access to all data collected and integrated about any patient for decision support, research and beyond. We offer tools to create a best in class experience for your patients to engage with their treatment plan and health journey – and keep them out of the hospital.

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