The Opportunity

Dr. Chad Bonhomme is a board certified MD specializing in cardiovascular disease and cardiac electrophysiology at Community Health Network. Most of Dr. Bonhomme’s patients are adults above the age of 60.

For Dr. Bonhomme, most post-operative discharge day 1 (POD-1) appointments involved assessing an incision for infection and answering patient-related questions. The appointments typically take just minutes for Dr. Bonhomme, but the time investment and overhead for the patients and the clinic was significant.

Dr. Bonhomme needed a way to discharge patients same-day after receiving surgically implanted pacemakers and defibrillators while still being able to ensure proper wound healing and patient-care, virtually.

This change would satisfy the growing desire from patients to be able to go home and care for themselves shortly after surgery and introduce an entirely new, convenient appointment option for Dr. Bonhomme.

The Solution

Up until this point, introducing telehealth into a practice was incredibly cumbersome and costly. By using Connect, implementation becomes easy and cost-effective.

The HIPAA-compliant and flexible technology allows for a more personalized approach to virtual, out-patient care. With zero set up fees or upfront costs, Dr. Bonhomme brought his digital healthcare strategy online in a matter of minutes – not days or weeks.

The process for introducing virtual post-op care requires minimal prep work and is easily accessible for patients of all age groups. Now, patients can focus on recovery in the comfort of their own home, free from the risk of hospital-driven infection.

The Outcome

With just one click, Dr. Bonhomme and his POD- 1 patients are automatically connected via a video call. Once connected, Dr. Bonhomme can easily evaluate the demeanor of the patient post- surgery as well as discuss the road to recovery.

“Connect allows us to add another human dimension to virtual patient visits.”

There are also clear economic benefits to introducing Connect into a practice which includes the reclaiming of clinician time that results from the minimization of post-operative inpatient rounding and leads to additional revenue-producing opportunities for providers.

Dr. Bonhomme views Connect as a long-term, data-driven telemedicine solution. Especially with the evolution of telemedicine post-COVID-19, Connect gives doctors more flexibility for patient treatment and care.

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