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Healthcare IT

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Precision Health Cloud

As a researcher or clinician, you need a software platform that removes data silos to enable you to get more out of your datasets and focus on patient-oriented treatments.

Your progress is being held back by legacy electronic health record systems that trap data in proprietary databases and don’t integrate genomic and other valuable types of data.

LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud (PHC) is the cloud platform that integrates and indexes disparate sources including genomic, clinical, patient acquired, wearables, imaging and population data. All of this data is added to a searchable and flexible repository for each patient. The PHC includes machine learning algorithms that help you surface critical interrelationships between data, for example across genotypic and phenotypic data. With the PHC, you are able to focus on your research and analysis – not software setup, configuration and updates.

Data Driven Applications

The PHC includes a set of applications including the Subject Viewer that delivers a rich, interactive experience to explore individual patients, cohorts and entire populations. Additionally, REST API’s, including support for standards such as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resourcesand GA4GH (Global Alliance for Genomics and Health), makes working with the apps you use today like R Studio, Jupyter Notebook, Tableau and Spotfire seamless. You can also quickly and easily build custom analysis, mobile apps and web applications.

You Own Your Data

You retain ownership of your data and determine who can access with advanced authorization controls. We never distribute or monetize your data. Additionally, the PHC is both HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified, ensuring that your patient data is always protected.

LIFE Mobile Apps

Leveraging the Precision Health Cloud (PHC), the LIFE applications empower patients to take control of their healthspans. Our apps don’t just enable you to leverage interventions shown to help humans live healthier for longer but also allow these behaviors to be tracked in the PHC platform.

With LIFE mobile applications, you can interact with your patients remotely including delivering surveys, collecting data from wearables and delivering care plans. LIFE apps also integrate with Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, wearables and medical devices.

The LIFE Fasting Tracker App helps you track and share your experiences with intermittent fasting. The LIFE Extend application will help you benchmark your biological age and enables you to make lifestyle choices to improve your health and wellness.

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JupiterOne enables SaaS companies to dramatically shorten the time and effort required to achieve compliance and certifications like HIPAA and HITRUST. Additionally, JupiterOne facilitates a true DevSecOps culture and delivers the orchestration in software to ensure you manage your operational environment as it evolves.

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