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Powering Precision Medicine

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LifeOmic PMP™

Cloud repository for all patient data, including Omics
Powerful analytics and artificial intelligence
Diagnostic Decision Support

= Precision Medicine

The LifeOmic Precision Medicine Platform™ (LifeOmic PMP™) is a secure cloud service for the long-term storage, retrieval, analysis, and clinical use of genomic and other digital information increasingly central to patient care.

Healthcare providers are swimming in data. Unfortunately this valuable information is spread across a variety of devices and systems that prevent its useful application. And with the advent of genomics and personalized medicine, much more is on the way. EHRs might seem the logical solution but they were designed for reimbursement and are woefully ill-equipped for the coming digital deluge.

The answer is a secure, infinitely scalable cloud platform that can serve as a central repository for all this data – and do so for the entire lifetime of every patient.


The LifeOmic Precision Medicine Platform is a revolutionary cloud-based healthcare solution engineered to store and manage everything from whole genome sequences to large-scale data sets for proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and others that haven’t been invented yet. LifeOmic PMP serves as an aggregation point that can unlock the tremendous value tucked away in myriad existing systems – or largely discarded by current workflows that only store textual reports.


As a cloud-based platform, LifeOmic PMP includes a powerful web interface and REST-based API that put this data to work to improve patient outcomes. LifeOmic PMP also includes diagnostic tools that empower clinicians at the point of care.

With no hardware or software to install, LifeOmic PMP can be deployed quickly and easily throughout a healthcare network in order to usher in the new age of precision medicine.

100% CLOUD

Zero install footprint for quick and easy rollout. Powerful modern web interface.



The more you use it, the smarter it becomes. Build value through data aggregation.



Easily integrate with the rest of your IT infrastructure and build your own applications.