Relax knowing your data is safe

Data-centric model; Zero-trust architecture

Granular segregation and policy enforcements with no “keys to the kingdom” and therefore no single points of compromise.

Strong yet flexible user access

Our platform supports OpenID Connect, SAML and multi-factor authentication, combined with fine-grain attribute-based authorization.

“Air-Gapped” environments meet short-lived processes

No direct administrative or broad network connectivity, such as VPN or SSH access, into production. Processes are short-lived and killed after use. This ensures minimal persistent attack surface and makes it virtually impenetrable.

Watch everything, even the watchers

All environments are monitored, all events are logged, all alerts are analyzed, all assets are tracked. No privileged access without prior approval or full auditing. We even have multiple systems to “watch the watchers’.

Immutable builds

Infrastructure as code. Security scan of every build. Full traceability from code commit to production. “Hands-free” deployment ensures each build is free from human error or malicious contamination.

Usable security

All employees receive security awareness training not annually, but monthly. Combined with simplicity and usability, we ensure our security policies, processes, and procedures are followed without any need to get around them. No “Shadow IT”.

Need-based temporary access

Access to critical systems and resources are closed by default, granted on demand, and protected by strong multi-factor authentication.

Centralized and automated operations

API-driven cloud-native security fabric that centrally monitors security events, automates compliance audits, and orchestrates near real-time risk management and remediation.

End-to-end data protection

Data is safe both at rest and in transit, using strong encryption and key management.

Regulatory compliant and hacker verified

The Precision Health Cloud is fully compliant with HIPAA / HITECH and HITRUST CSF Certified. Verified by white-hat hackers.

SOC2 Audited
The PHC is HIPAA Compliant
LifeOmic software is GDPR Compliant

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