Turn lab reports into graph visualizations in minutes

PrecisionOCR is end-user configurable to support disease and use case-specific entity recognition with an output to FHIR. Just add documents. Once the data is structured, it is converted to FHIR resources that can be used in the LifeOmic Platform or exported.

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Whole Page Analysis

Read handwriting in the margins

With PrecisionOCR's whole page analysis you can gleam insights from any section of a document including handwriting.

"The implementation of PrecisionOCR has allowed us to consolidate our tech stack and make our overall workflow 2x more efficient."

— Bryan Federowicz, VP of Clinical Operations

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  • Superior OCR/NLP Service
  • Cloud-Based
  • HIPAA Compliant and HITRUST Certified
  • Accessible via CLI, Python SDK or API Endpoints
  • Machine Learning Powered Recommendations

Data Extraction

  • Surfacing of Medications, Observations, Conditions and Procedures
  • Innovative Search Capability
  • Automated Lab Report Extraction
  • Built-In Ontologies (SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-10)
  • Upload Custom Ontologies

Data Analytics

  • Powerful Analytics
  • Automated Patient Assignment
  • Confidence Scoring
  • Convert Data to FHIR
  • PHI Redaction
  • Handwriting Detection

Document Organization

  • Intelligent Document Classification
  • Document Splitting
  • Built for PDF, JPG and PNG files
  • Process 1000s of Pages Within Minutes

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