Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Don Brown

Don is the most successful serial software entrepreneur in the Midwest. His first company was acquired by EDS in 1986. He founded Software Artistry in 1988 which became the first software company in Indiana ever to go public and was later acquired by IBM for $200 million. Don then founded and served as CEO of Interactive Intelligence which went public in 1999 and was acquired by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories in 2016 for $1.4 billion.

He is also an active technology and business advisor, investor, and philanthropist. In 2016, Don donated $30 million for the establishment of the Brown Immunotherapy Center at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Don received a bachelor’s in physics from Indiana University in 1978, a master’s in computer science from IU in 1982, an MD from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1985, and a master’s in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University in 2017.

Don is an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing with his eight children – especially in and around Park City, Utah. He was named Sagamore of the Wabash by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels in 2012.

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Swartz

Jeff kicked off his software development coding career at Software Artistry and joined Interactive Intelligence as employee #9 and software architect. In 2012 Jeff left ININ to found OrgSpan, which was focused on enterprise social media.

As COO he led day-to-day operations, recruiting, and product development until OrgSpan was acquired by Interactive Intelligence in 2014. He next led the Interactive Intelligence PureCloud development effort and then served as VP of Innovation, leading their strategic partnership and M&A efforts. Jeff earned a bachelor’s in computer science from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in 1994.

Chief Scientific Officer

Tom Barber

Tom has over 25 years of experience studying genetic causes of human diseases such as cancer, deafness, myotonic dystrophy, and other inherited diseases. During his postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Tom’s discoveries contributed to the first exome studies of cancer. He began his industry career at Eli Lilly in 2006 as an oncology drug hunter and biomarker developer.

In 2010, Tom created and led the Next Generation Sequencing platform at Eli Lilly which identified preclinical and clinical models for personalized medicine in oncology, diabetes, neuroscience, and cardiovascular disease. In 2014, Tom became the genomics leader at Beckman Coulter developing solutions for NGS sample preparation. Tom has studied human molecular genetics throughout his career, earning a BS in Zoology-Genetics from Michigan State University in 1993, a MS in Human and Molecular Genetics from Baylor College of Medicine in 1995, and a PhD in Genetics from Michigan State University in 2000.


VP of Development

Chris Hemp

Chris started coding in high school and built web pages for a local web hosting firm. While Chris was studying at North Carolina State University he joined IBM’s Tivoli Security group as a software engineer, and he continued working at IBM after earning a BS in Computer Science from NCSU in 2003. Chris then moved on to more challenging software development roles at SAS and RSA Security (part of EMC).

In 2013 Chris joined OrgSpan and owned the web client experience. When OrgSpan was acquired by Interactive Intelligence, Chris forged small independent teams and leveraged WebRTC at the core of ININ’s PureCloud initiative. Chris champions software development process improvements that decrease defects and improve update cycles. Chris lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and three sons.

Software Architect

Matt Lavin

Matt has known he was going to be a software engineer for as long as he can remember. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from North Carolina State University in 2001 and immediately joined a small company called OTI. OTI was soon acquired by IBM and Matt stayed for the next 12 years building software development tools and providing a foundation for IBM’s SaaS cloud offerings.

Looking for a return to a small company, Matt joined OrgSpan in 2014 just before it was acquired by Interactive Intelligence, and he re-engineered PureCloud’s chat services to scale from tens of users to thousands in multiple regions. He also has a special place in his heart for automating software tests and deployments. Matt is active in the local DevOps and Node.js Meetups, has created and contributed to numerous open source projects and is thinking about computers almost all the time. He keeps a balance in his life by staying active and is usually training for a half or full marathon.

Software Architect

Mark Schroering

Mark started his career at Boeing in St. Louis working on embedded real-time software systems for military aircraft simulators. After spending the early part of his career in the defense world, Mark transitioned to FujiFilm’s Healthcare IT R&D team as a software developer on cardiovascular information system solutions.

In 2008, Mark joined Interactive Intelligence and eventually serving as a software architect on the PureCloud platform. He led a small development team focused on PureCloud’s cloud based contact center solution core services and deployed to Amazon Web Services. Mark received a bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Evansville in 1999, and a master’s in computer science from Washington University, St. Louis in 2003.

NGS Bioinformatics Director

Swee Seong Wong

Swee Seong thrives on computation in applied research. He started out coding image processing algorithms and developing tools for clinical decision modeling. He soon moved on to apply string search algorithms to genomic sequences, earning both a master’s (1999) and PhD (2007) in computer science from National University of Singapore. Swee Seong joined Eli Lilly Singapore in 2007 as a scientist leading various omics data integration and analysis projects.

In 2011 he was relocated to Indianapolis with Eli Lilly to lead computational effect and downstream analysis in the company’s DNA sequencing efforts. He excels at leveraging collective knowledge of genetic information from various sources to help unravel the links to biomarkers, phenotypes and diseases in clinical and pre-clinical settings. Swee Seong is passionate about building knowledgebase and related omics data tools to better understand diseases and improve patient care.


Principal Scientist

Steve Bray

In over 15 years of research experience Steve has gained broad expertise in applying genomics to better understand disease. Steve received a BS in biochemistry from Brigham Young University in 2000 and a PhD in genetics from Duke University in 2006. His doctoral research at Duke University and subsequent post-doctoral training at Emory University focused on the genetic control of neurological function including studies of chemosensory function, fragile X syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, his population genetic analyses uncovered unique genetic characteristics of founder populations. In 2011, Steve joined Eli Lilly and Company as a genetics research scientist utilizing DNA sequencing of tumor samples to better understand the genomic landscape of cancer and associated drug response. In these efforts he helped uncover cancer mutations that predict positive treatment responses or resistance to therapies.

IT Manager

Casey Herman

Casey comes to LifeOmic with a heavy background in Virtualization, Application Layering, and VDI systems. He has a big passion for technology and is a “no task is too large”-oriented solutions expert. When asked what he does with computers, he’ll say, “I take something that doesn’t exist and make it available globally.”

Casey has loved both technology and airplane grease in his professional career. He’s gone from being a general aviation mechanic to being the rare cable-guy that people actually love. Next Casey took on progressively larger roles in IT and network/datacom management and eventually ran enterprise desktop virtualization server farms and became a senior IT consultant. Casey’s also an avid R/C aircraft enthusiast and designer. He’s looking to compete in his first drone racing competition soon.

Director of Operations

Krisanna Bohall

Krisanna has over 10 years of experience in the facility management field and is an active member of the International Facility Management Association. Prior to joining LifeOmic she served as Physical Security and MAC Manager for Interactive Intelligence and excelled at providing a safe and secure environment as well as delivering excellent customer service. Krisanna also enjoys spending time outside and exploring new places.


Software Architect

Jeff Jagoda

Jeff has always loved learning how complex systems work and finding technical solutions to problems. His early work experience included building profilers for the Linux kernel at Red Hat and for the JVM at IBM. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2007, Jeff joined IBM full-time to work on projects ranging from web collaboration tools to cloud computing platforms.

In 2014 Jeff left IBM to prototype new Internet-based communication solutions at Bandwidth. Before coming to LifeOmic, Jeff rejoined IBM to use a combination of big data analytics and automated systems to understand and influence developer behaviors inside the company.


Software Engineer

Chad Jarreau

Chad has a deep interest in the intersection of life sciences and technology. He received a master’s degree in bioengineering in 2010 and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2015 from Louisiana State University. During his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Chad interned at OrgSpan working on the quality assurance team. Upon graduation, he was hired as a software developer on the Purecloud search team at Interactive Intelligence.

Chad enjoys many outdoor activities including cycling, running, swimming, and skiing. On weekends he can often be found spending time with his family.


Senior Software Engineer

Alex Luebbehusen

Alex’s passion for software development was sparked in high school when he programmed his TI-83 calculator to assist with math homework. He was instantly hooked and eventually developed ballistic trajectory simulators, coded a school-wide chat network and started and led his high school’s very successful autonomous robotics program. This inspired Alex to pursue a technology-focused degree at the University of Evansville where he partnered on award-winning robotics teams and earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering in 2015 while also graduating as one of the top of his class and side-lining as a professional software developer.

Alex next gained progressive cloud software engineering experience at Interactive Intelligence and ADESA. He brings multiple-platform software development skills in manufacturing, customer engagement and automotive remarking industries to Lifeomic. When not working on personal software projects, Alex enjoys working out and spending time with friends and family.


Software Architect

Anthony Roach

Anthony became interested in computers playing Colossal Cave Adventures on Data General minicomputers at his dad’s software company and coding demos on a Tandy 1000. This led to receiving a bachelor’s degree in physics from Purdue University in 1996 and a master’s degree in physics from the University of Michigan in 1997 while working as a research assistant in various labs –including a summer at Fermilab measuring and modeling the magnetic field for one the Tevatron’s giant detector magnets.

He started his professional software development career at National Instruments in Austin, TX building industrial automation and test and measurement software. He then returned to Indiana to join Interactive Intelligence as a lead developer and was promoted to Chief Architect on the PureCloud AWS-based contact center product. Anthony has contributed to many open source projects including being an early major contributor to the SCons build tool. When not developing software Anthony enjoys reading, running, playing computer games and spending time with his family.


VP of Design

Doryan Algarra

Doryan’s love and talent for art was evident at a very early age. Growing up he was constantly drawing and designing, winning awards in middle and high school. After college Doryan combined his interest in technology and art while serving in the United States Marine Corps. It was during that time that he dove into digital design and web design.

After his tour in the Marines Doryan went to work for companies such as Duke Medicine, ReverbNation and Interactive Intelligence where he was constantly expanding his knowledge from web design into product and experience design. Previous to LifeOmic, Doryan was Creative Director for Genesys. In his spare time Doryan enjoys drawing and traveling.


Principal Software Engineer

Mark DeLaVergne

Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Business at Anderson University in 2007 while also taking Computer Science courses on the side and building professional web apps throughout college. He then worked as a software engineer at companies in the staffing and learning management spaces and completed various technical certifications along the way. This led to being hired at Interactive Intelligence in 2011 where he built an enterprise iOS app from scratch, earned AWS certifications while working on the PureCloud platform, and generally crafted his skills in a wide range of technologies.

Mark enjoys any outdoor activity, woodworking and spending time with his wife and two children. If asked he’ll also try to melt your face off with a guitar.

Principal Software Engineer

Chris MacNaughton

Chris became interested in computing at a young age — starting when his parents first brought home an Apple II and he began learning how to program in BASIC in school. His passion for problem solving and continuous learning led him to earn a B.S. in Media Arts and Science at the IUPUI School of Informatics, and he has since gone on to have a wide-ranging career as a software developer.

After working a number of years building applications in the education and non-profit space, Chris joined Angie’s List in Indianapolis where he worked on numerous teams including SEO, e-commerce, search, and core platform.  Before joining LifeOmic he worked as a senior front-end engineer for Eli Lilly and Co.

In his spare time Chris enjoys spending time with his family, running, reading, learning new programming technologies, and winemaking.

Director of Mobile Engineering

Annica Burns

Annica’s current work building mobile apps for Healthcare seems predictable in hindsight but took a circuitous route. While studying medicine at BYU, Annica realized it was the wrong path when she couldn’t euthanize shelter dogs brought to the lab for experimentation. She decided to put her pre-med degree to use as a science writer and headed to Northwestern for an MS in Journalism. Instead she found her true calling when a professor asked her to join a Media startup where she quickly gravitated to the technology side of the business building the databases, web apps and cloud services that were core to the startup’s future. As it grew, Annica moved on from building software to managing software development and eventually landed in a more strategic role as VP of Information Systems.

Then came the iPhone. Excited to be part of a technology that was changing the world, she jumped back into engineering and has been building mobile apps and managing mobile development teams in healthcare since 2014.

Since her husband won’t let her write code ALL the time, Annica also skis, bikes, and takes long runs in the mountains of Utah with her dog, Mozzie.

Software Engineer

James Beavers

James was first introduced to coding through volunteer video game development at the age of thirteen. After a few years of using code as an easy way to solve homework problems he decided to take more classes related to Computer Science.

After three years at North Carolina State University, James was Valedictorian with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2014, and he continued with graduate-level studies at NCSU. During this time, James interned at several companies including IBM as a data center lab technician and later as a software developer working on an install pipeline and open source contributions. He left IBM to work as a full-stack engineer on CounselLink, a legal management platform.

After receiving a Master’s in Computer Science in 2015, James was hired by Interactive Intelligence where he worked on the PureCloud chat service before joining LifeOmic.

Mobile Architect

Derrick Hathaway

Derrick received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Utah State University in 2008.  He’s been doing mobile application development since the very first iPhone SDK in 2008 and soon thereafter quit his day job writing boring business software to make a career out of it. Since that time he’s built games as well as apps for entertainment, education and medicine. He’s passionate about developing high quality software and in recent years has broadened his horizons by learning React Native and modern JavaScript.

Derrick enjoys cooking — especially outdoors whether it’s in a dutch oven, wood fired oven or on the grill — and spending time with family on vacations, in the yard, and playing video and board games.

Mobile Architect

Kyle Clegg

Kyle is a software engineer specializing in mobile app development. He jumped into mobile development in 2010 excited by the opportunity to connect with consumers in a new, more personalized way. He loved what he found in the application of engineering and software to create quality apps, launch business ideas, and enable startups to experience massive growth.

In 2012, Kyle started working on healthcare specific applications, building patient engagement apps for a healthcare startup. After earning his Masters in Information Systems Management from BYU, he continued his focus in healthcare technology, working on telemedicine and care management products. Kyle is passionate about improving health through mobile technologies.

Away from his computer, Kyle enjoys long trail runs, exploring mountain peaks in Utah, and playing hockey.

VP of Social and Science Communications

Paige Jarreau

Paige is a scientist by training but a writer at heart. As a child she dreamed of writing sci-fi novels like her heroes Ray Bradbury, Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. Her love of science won over at first. She earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biological Engineering from Louisiana State University. After a brief stint of PhD studies in Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, she finally realized that her true passion was writing. She returned to LSU, where she earned her PhD and conducted postdoctoral research at the Manship School of Mass Communication. She nerds out about how scientists use social media and how we can improve public trust in science.

Paige is an experienced science communication researcher and practitioner. She’s written for Nature Magazine, Scientific American, American Scientist and other outlets. Since June 2016 she has been at the LSU College of Science, developing their social media presence and training researchers to communicate. She enjoys yoga and spending time with family.

Chief Marketing Officer

Justin Helmig

Justin is passionate about bringing society shaping technology products to market. He started his career at Qualcomm writing software for mobile phones. After several years in software development, he moved into sales engineering, strategy, and corporate development roles at Texas Instruments.

He was then Vice President of Product Management for TapRoot, a mobile software startup. After TapRoot, he was Vice President of Marketing, and later Executive Vice President of Products and Technology for StrikeIron, a pioneer in web APIs.

Following StrikeIron’s successful acquisition by Informatica, Justin served as the Vice President of Informatica’s Data-as-a-Service business unit.

After Informatica, Justin was CEO of Demand Signals, a marketing technology startup. He then joined Interactive Intelligence as Chief Marketing Officer.

Justin holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler business school at the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Principal Scientist

Ben Salisbury

Ben is a computational biologist by training who loves building and improving products that drive better healthcare and better science. A 17-year veteran of the precision medicine industry, Ben started out as an algorithm developer at Genaissance Pharmaceuticals. Over an 11-year period with Genaissance and its successors by acquisition and divestiture, he made contributions in population genetics and statistical genetics and helped bring a novel antidepressant to market and build a successful clinical lab business that introduced genetic diagnosis to hundreds of cardiology practices around the world. More recently, Ben has worked with software and informatics companies, leading technical and commercial efforts to deliver tools and platforms for clinical labs and researchers.

Ben lives with his family in Dayton, Ohio. His pastimes include gardening, cooking, and singing. He loves taking his children on nature hikes and bike rides. Ben studied biology as an undergraduate at Yale and received his PhD from the University of Michigan. He returned to Yale for two years as a postdoctoral researcher before moving to industry in 2001.

Chief Information Security Officer

Jesse Kinser

Jesse graduated from the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington in 2010 with a passion for security and set off to Washington D.C. to work in the Intelligence Community. During her 5 year term in the government sector working on various National Security research and development projects, she also completed her Master’s in Computer Science.

In 2014, Jesse returned to Indianapolis to take on a role at a leading energy company in which she focused on building out modern cloud applications. Her interest in cloud technology led to her next role at Salesforce where she was in charge of hacking the product ecosystem. Jesse has presented her offensive security research and tools at leading conferences around the US, including DEFCON and BSides Las Vegas. A self-proclaimed serial hobbiest, Jesse enjoys picking up new skillsets and traveling to new places with her family.

Senior Software Engineer

Travis Barney

Travis brings nearly two decades of web development experience dating back to late 90’s as a “Web Master” in the online payment industry. Growing up in what is now known as Silicon Slopes Utah at the epoch of the digital age he has been able to focus his introspective creative traits toward building software with an eye on quality user experiences. He was raised by an artistic family, and spent a large part of his time drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, and forging varied visual art forms. He credits his luck to having worked with several meaningful mentors throughout his career, learning on the job and gradually growing his skills over time.

Some of the solutions Travis has been part of include payment gateways, content management, automotive search, human-resource training, survey management, call-center UI, team training, live chat, hardware orchestration, and smart-home automation.

Travis enjoys spending time with his wife, son, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and hamster.

Principal Product Designer

Casey Dexter

Growing up Casey always enjoyed art and technology. He has been labeled as a “learner”, or someone who enjoys the learning process. Web design has complemented this trait as it continues to provide him with fresh material.

After graduating with a B.S. in Computer Graphics from Purdue University in 2001, he went to work for Purdue full-time as a graphic designer in the marketing communications office and then later as a web designer in the housing and food services division. While working at Purdue, Casey was introduced to CSS, and that’s when his passion for web design began to blossom. He moved on from Purdue to work for Interactive Intelligence as a designer and spent seven years there working on CaaS Quick Spin and PureCloud products.

When not pushing pixels, Casey enjoys longboarding, playing basketball, hanging out by a campfire, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Senior Product Manager - Mobile

Matt Ferguson

Matt has spent his entire career in the population health management space, using behaviorally-focused approaches to help people lead healthier lives. Spanning a nearly 10-year career at WebMD Health Services, Matt focused on clinical products designed to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs and delivered through a wide variety of modalities to hundreds of thousands of end-users. Matt then joined the Growth and Innovation team at OurHealth, a provider of onsite and near-site direct primary care services for employers, and led the overall strategy of their Wellness portfolio as well as launching their first Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program.

Matt received a BA in Kinesiology from Purdue University in 2005 and a MS in Biomechanics from Ball State University in 2007. In addition to his weekly dose of Crossfit, Matt is an avid watersports enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.

Principal Mobile Engineer

Ben Kraus

Ben has been developing for the iPhone since shortly after the release of the iPhone SDK. His passion lies in shipping high quality mobile applications and he’s been broadening his horizons and is very interested in full stack development as well. He’s spent many years as both an independent mobile app developer and with mobile development teams at Family Search and Instructure.

Besides app development, Ben enjoys hiking and camping in the great outdoors. He also spends way too much time at Disneyland and Disney World.

Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Tieman

Matt’s first coding experience was programming his TI-83 calculator in high school. He then thought it would be cool to learn how to tell computers what to do. As a result he decided to study computer science and graduated with a bachelor’s in CS from North Central College in 2012.

Matt’s first job was at Interactive Intelligence in automated QA. After two years he switched to the PureCloud analytics team as a developer. Working on the PureCloud analytics team sparked Matt’s growing interest and enjoyment in working on distributed system and application resiliency problems.

Matt is a private pilot and has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2008.

Senior Data Engineer

Taylor Steinberg

Taylor received his bachelor’s in computer engineering from Clemson University in 2014, where he focused on distributed computing. He quickly found his niche in industry as a bridge between statisticians, computer scientists, and business professionals. He uses his skills to enable rapid development of analytical products. Taylor enjoys solving problems that rely on machine learning and statistics.

Taylor enjoys the Indiana outdoors with his wife and corgi. He commutes by skateboard and enjoys cooking, travel and practicing yoga.

Software Engineer

David Fifer

David received his BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Purdue University in 2014 followed by a MS in Computer Science the following year. Although his collegiate work focused heavily on computer graphics, his professional career has revolved around developing web services. Prior to joining LifeOmic, David worked at Indiana Health Information Exchange, leading the development of their FHIR Chest Pain application for ER physicians.

When David is not coding, he is the family chef, handyman, and caretaker of four bunnies.

Principal Mobile Engineer

Brady Larson

Brady graduated from the University of Utah in 2007. He made his first Android app at his first job when he had some time between projects. Since then he’s been hooked on mobile, making iOS and (mostly) Android apps both personally and professionally.

Outside of work Brady enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the many hiking trails nearby. He also recently started mountain biking.

Software Engineer

Zhenya Ragulin

Zhenya decided he wanted to be a programmer at the age of 8, when his family got their first PC with Windows 95, Caesar III, and Diablo II on it. He thought programming would be similar to playing video games (like many other naive kids). It turned out to be very different — but still fun.

Zhenya is excited about self-development, and software development is something that helps him continuously challenge himself.

Zhenya received his bachelor’s from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2012, and his master’s from Brno University of Technology in Computer Graphics in 2015. He has been working in healthcare since 2014 working on various solutions to improve patients’ experience communicating with the physicians.

When not coding or eating ice-cream made of snow in the mountains, Zhenya enjoys running and swing, contemporary and jazz dancing.

Director of Marketing

Ryan Hilliard

Ryan has a passion for solving complex problems using a methodical, data- and logic-driven approach. He received a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing from North Carolina State in 2010. Prior to joining LifeOmic, Ryan served as the Head of Growth at a prominent digital marketing agency, ROI Revolution, where he led the agency’s largest service with over 50 employees servicing more than 200 clients. During his time at ROI, Ryan also managed paid marketing efforts for more than a dozen SaaS and software providers, including Wrike, Urban Airship and SingleHop.

When he’s not analyzing data, Ryan is goofing around with his family of four, tending to his yard, playing competitive adult-league soccer or starting a new home project. He’s also passionate about wine, craft beer and Doctor Who.

Software Engineer

Austin Rausch

Austin’s passion for programming started when he was a sophomore in high school and attended a vocational school half the day learning various programming languages and computer science concepts. From there he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology for 2 years before transferring to Pennstate Behrend, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2017.

While at Pennstate Behrend, Austin interned at Interactive Intelligence working on the PureCloud Co-Browse team. After graduation Austin worked for a company called Software Design Solutions developing UIs and backend services for IoT and embedded devices.

Austin’s hobbies include exercising, reading and movies.

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Ananth Iyer

Ananth is an electrical engineer with a specialization in audio and digital signal processing. His interest in audio started off when he was in middle school with a project to retrofit his boombox to make it louder. He went on to get an MS from Penn State University and a Ph.D. from Temple University — both in speech processing.

At Genesys and Interactive Intelligence he built several speech based products to improve customer experience. Further on, he gained interest and experience in machine learning — which led him to build bots, search engines and entity recognizers, primarily using Deep Learning.

Ananth also enjoys participating in hackathons and is a proud winner of the 2018 AT&T IoT and 2017 PureCloud hackathons. While not at work, Ananth enjoys trying to run and also time with family, photography and socializing at the Indianapolis Python and AWS developer communities.

Senior Software Engineer

Simon Silitonga

Simon graduated from Stevens in Hoboken, NJ in 2001 with a BS degree in Computer Science. He began his software development career working in the NASDAQ market maker and trading industry for six years.

He and his family moved to Indiana in 2006 and he ultimately ended up at Interactive Intelligence, where he worked for almost 9 years in the analytics team for both the CIC and PureCloud divisions.

In his free time, Simon loves being with his wife and four children, serving at church or on mission trips.

Software Engineer

Tony Ward

Tony earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. During his time in college, he held an internship where he worked in software and hardware development. After building many embedded, desktop, and mobile applications, he had the opportunity to work at Interactive Intelligence on the PureCloud product. At Interactive Intelligence, he would dive deep into modern web development. He’s very passionate about creating applications that not only look great but that help people as well. He enjoys being active in the development community by contributing to his favorite open source libraries and presenting at local meetups.

Tony enjoys watching and playing basketball, traveling to new places, reading, and hiking.

Test Automation Engineer

Jason Kokx

Jason graduated from Michigan Technological University in 1990 with a BSEE degree. He started working in software testing in 2000 doing software automation testing. He has worked on web client automation and set up automation processes on various test lab systems. He started working at OrgSpan in 2012 where he built the QA test automation teams for Backend, Web Client and Mobile Clients, worked on mobile test automation and was responsible for the Continuous Integration pipelines. Jason joined LifeOmic in 2019 because of his passion to use his skills to make a contribution to the health and wellness of people’s lives.

Jason is married with two daughters in college. His aim is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. He enjoys cooking healthy meals, running, swimming, strength training, hiking and yoga.

Event Marketing Associate

Candace Luebbehusen

Candace comes to LifeOmic excited to change lives in a different way. She excels at bringing an eye for detail, building relationships, and event management. Prior to joining LifeOmic, Candace served as the Director of Student Activities at Marian University coordinating over 100 large- and small-scale events each year for up to 3000 guests.

Candace earned a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Texas Woman’s University in 2015 and a M.S.Ed. with concentration in Higher Education from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2017.

In her spare time, Candace loves to read, dance, play board games, travel, and spend time with family and friends (especially her dog, Bonnie).

Senior Product Manager

Melissa Webb

Melissa brings a customer-centric approach to product management, which ensures she’s always building products people love to use. She excels at uncovering problems, solving them through delightful software solutions, and then maintaining a continuous feedback loop post-delivery to ensure successful adoption.

Before joining LifeOmic, Melissa led products in the spend analytics, sales, procurement, and healthcare spaces. Melissa’s varied background allows her to bring a fresh perspective to the ever-evolving world of health and wellness. Her ability to empathize and uncover patterns across an entire customer base allows the team to provide value to end users at scale.

Melissa earned a BA in Economics and Spanish at DePauw University, and she completed her MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University. She has also received the Pragmatic Marketing certification (PMC-VI). When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys running, listening to music, and traveling the world with her husband and son.

Software Engineer

Allen Clineff

Allen discovered his love for technology at an early age learning to navigate MS-DOS as early as he learned to read. He went on to learn basic web design and programming in high school, and he eventually received a bachelor’s in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in 2012.

After graduating, Allen worked for six years as a full stack developer and consultant, gaining experience across a wide breadth of industries including healthcare, utilities, insurance, and banking.

Besides being a programmer and avid gamer, Allen is a passionate percussionist, having played for almost 20 years. He also enjoys hiking and rock climbing.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Dan Perkins

Dan decided to pursue software development after being exposed to programming, web development, Flash, and building computers in high school. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008 with a BS in Computer Science, he spent a few years focusing on testing Windows applications at Microsoft before switching into web-focused development roles for Microsoft’s PowerBI and AppSource products.

After Microsoft and before before moving to the Raleigh, NC area and landing at LifeOmic, Dan split his time between teaching an Intro to Computer Science course at a high school in Seattle and working as a developer at customer data platform startup mParticle.

His free time is usually split between fun adventures with his wife and two kids, or finding something active to do – ideally indoor rock climbing and biking, or ‘settling’ for windsurfing, kiteboarding, or snowboarding.

VP of Strategic Partnerships and Innovations

Baiju Parikh

Baiju has been involved with developing and commercializing platforms to drive insights into genomics and medicine for over 20 years. Before joining LifeOmic, he worked at Roche Diagnostics, GenomOncology, and IBM Watson Health. His passion for science sits at the intersection of translational research, molecular diagnostics, big data, and software. He has led sales, product marketing, and software development teams to bring novel solutions to healthcare practitioners globally.

Baiju earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati in 1996 and was a researcher at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the Department of Developmental Biology.

Baiju enjoys travelling and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Mobile Software Engineer

Turner Houghton

Turner started his career in web development in 2015, working on traditional LAMP stack applications. Since then, he’s become very interested in Amazon Web Services, using services like AWS Lambda to create highly scalable and cost effective web apps. He’s very passionate about serverless architecture and has spoken at meetups and conferences about the subject.

When not developing or speaking, Turner likes to go on bike rides on the various trails Utah has to offer (when it’s not freezing). He’s also recently gotten into model trains and someday hopes to have an awesome layout.

Senior Mobile Engineer

Ashley Soucar

Ashley has been developing for the iPhone since before graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013. Her first iPhone work was teaching summer camp students how to build iPhone applications. Since then, she’s developed apps for educational games, social media, and business education. Most recently she’s branched out into cross platform mobile development.

When not programming, Ashley can be found skating at the nearest ice rink, cooking, or trying to get better at video games.

Senior Software Engineer

David Tanner

David has always loved computers and built his first Windows PC in high school. He attended Brigham Young University and received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Engineering in 2014. David’s focus on quality software drives his desire to produce services that just run. He’s worked with Amazon Web Services since 2010 and loves using their tools to produce awesome software.

For fun, David likes to fix things, do his own car repairs, play video games, and remodel his house. He has recently picked up running with his wife and likes to take the family for hikes in the mountains, or family trips around Utah.

Director of Business Development

Joe Adams

Joe has known LifeOmic Founder/CEO Don Brown since high school, and they have been business partners in various endeavors since their student days as roommates at Indiana University. After graduating from IU, Joe co-founded Dealership Programming Systems with Don, which was sold in 1987 to EDS/GMAC for $12.5 million. Don and Joe next co-founded Software Artistry in 1987, which went public on NASDAQ and was subsequently sold to IBM for $230 million. Joe retired right after Software Artistry’s IPO to pursue philanthropic interests — and to ‘raise Ferraris’ in the Indiana countryside. After a year of ‘retirement’, Joe joined Don at Interactive Intelligence and held various management and strategic roles, including VP Marketing, VP Market Communications, and Chief Technology Evangelist.

Joe serves on a variety of civic, university and non-profit boards, including being the Chairman of the Deans Council for the Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering. And for his years of tireless service nurturing the Ferrari community in the U.S., Joe is now Chairman of the Ferrari Club of America, the oldest and largest Ferrari Club in the World with 7,000 members.

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Ratcliff

Ryan is a graduate of IUPUI with a BS degree in Information Technology. He began his software development career by working in the warehousing industry for six years, insuring music lovers got their CDs in a timely manner by solving interesting ‘traveling salesmen’ and ‘path picking’ problems. Next, he spent a three year period as a contractor at Eli Lilly building SOA/ETL solutions. Luckily, he then joined Interactive Intelligence, where he worked for over 8 years on various teams including reporting, alerting and analytics for both the CIC and PureCloud divisions.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys running, reading and traveling.

Mobile Software Engineer

Pearce Keesling

Pearce started learning to program because he loved video games as a kid and wanted to learn how they worked, and he wanted to make his own games. As he grew up, his passion for video games faded but his interest in software only continued to grow.

Pearce began his software development career working part time at Jolt from 2016-2019 while he worked on his bachelor’s degree, after which he hired on with LifeOmic. Pearce enjoys hiking, fitness, and a great nap out in the sun.

Software Engineer

Christian Di Lorenzo

Christian is a highly-motivated software practitioner with experience in several technology spaces, including native iOS development, full-stack web apps and Data Science. He also contributes to several open source libraries such as filtrex, which has over 20,000 downloads. Christian has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in Data Science, both from Regis University.

Christian enjoys activities at his church, playing various musical instruments, tutoring his siblings in math and playing ultimate frisbee.

Senior Mobile Engineer

Ryan Pfister

Ryan started his career as a web developer, specializing in ASP.NET. As time progressed, he moved into mobile development and found a passion for React Native as a mobile development platform.

Ryan enjoys biking, traveling and doing a variety of activities outdoors.

Senior Software Engineer

Justin Ligman

Justin built his first computer from gathering scrap parts at 10 years old, and began teaching himself how to program. This led to his first coding job working on various programming projects while a student at Indiana University Southeast, where he earned a B.S. in Computer Science in 2009. His full-time development career started at Interactive Intelligence, and he advanced from coding billing subsystems and databases, web applications and back-end services to managing a team of several web developers. He next worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix in California before joining LifeOmic to be closer to family in North Carolina.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys tinkering with all sorts of electronics and technology, spending time with family and their dog, and various outdoor activities. He’s also a huge fan of random trivia, and you’ll often find him reading articles or watching documentaries about any random thing that has piqued his interest.

Security Engineer

Joe DiMarzio

Joe found his interest in computing while taking an introductory coding class as a high school freshman and never looked back. He graduated with High Distinction after three years at Indiana University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as minors in Informatics and Mathematics. While studying at IU, he interned at an advanced AWS consulting partner, where he found his passion for cloud security and received an AWS Cloud Architect certification.

In his free time, Joe enjoys bass fishing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and powerlifting.

Senior Software Engineer

Aymane Nadi

Aymane graduated in 2013 with two Master degrees, which he obtained from IMT Atlantique (France) in Telecommunications and Computer Sciences, and from Ball State University in Information and Communication Sciences. Aymane started his career at Interactive Intelligence, where he worked on various teams for both the CIC and PureCloud platforms. He then joined PactSafe and led the development of their new customer-facing web application.

In his free time, Aymane enjoys soccer, playing with his son Ilyas, and working on personal projects.


William ‘Mac’ Beckner

Mac has over 25 years of experience in developing human-centric digital health innovations and solutions in the health, wellness and human performance domains. Mac thrives on developing, delivering and implementing strategies and products that anticipate and synthesize the impact of technology and scientific innovation in health care. He enjoys working for innovative companies with the vision and courage to advance and bring into practice new tools and therapeutics that advance human health and wellbeing.

Prior to joining LifeOmic, Mac was responsible for developing the Technology Enhanced Mobile Platform for Performance Optimization (TEMPPO) for the Office of the Secretary of Defense to enhance human/soldier performance optimization efforts across the Department of Defense. Other initiatives include the NIH’s All of Us Research Program and DoD’s Building Healthier Military Communities initiative.

Mac has a Master’s in Information Systems and certificates in Artificial Intelligence (MIT 2018) and in Leadership Management (Georgetown University 2010). Mac has authored numerous research articles, systematic reviews and a book chapter, and he’s the author of the book ‘Complementary Therapies on the Internet’ (2003). Mac also holds a patent related to human centered digital therapeutic solutions.

When not working, Mac’s pursuits include boating and being outdoors with his fiancée, dogs, cats and good friends.

Implementation Engineer

Kevin Wood

Kevin brings a pragmatic passion for changing the way people think about healthcare and technology. He initially started toward a career in healthcare administration before working with a professor that drew attention to the reality of the lack of value being delivered in healthcare technology.

Before joining LifeOmic, Kevin worked at a healthcare technology company focused on data warehousing and analytics. Prior to that, he spent time at Intermountain Healthcare as an administrative intern, where he was exposed to healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction. Through this experience, Kevin gained empathy for the real-life patient experience and witnessed some of the shortcomings of the billion-dollar EHR promise.

Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at Brigham Young University and is working toward a master’s in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah. Kevin enjoys soccer, baseball, a good concert, playing with his dog, and spending time with family — especially his wife.

Science Communication and Social Media Specialist

Luisa Torres

Luisa earned a PhD in Pharmacology from Stony Brook University in 2015 studying anti-inflammatory treatments for spinal cord injury. She then worked at Cornell University as a postdoctoral researcher studying the link between parasites and Alzheimer’s disease. Her strong interest in science communication drove her to produce scientific content for lay audiences in the form of blog posts and radio scripts. This led her to spend a summer at NPR working as a science journalist and writing for NPR’s blogs ‘Shots’, ‘Goats and Soda’, and ‘The Salt’.

Luisa currently volunteers at her local radio station producing short interviews with local scientists for a show called Locally Sourced Science. She is also the communications officer for the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) where she manages a team of 6 writers who generate science communication content for the ASPET website.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, dancing flamenco and playing the piano.

Senior Software Engineer

Xander Dumaine

Xander has loved programming ever since making games, apps, and tools on his TI-86 programming calculator in high school. After earning a B.S. in Computer Science from Ohio University in 2012, Xander has followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather who both worked in telephony hardware and software before him. Prior to joining LifeOmic, he worked at Interactive Intelligence and Genesys, where he helped take WebRTC from an experimental technology to one serving almost ten million conversations every week across voice, video, and screen streaming.

Xander loves reading, hiking, and playing board games with his wife Bailey and son Atlas. Xander is also a cyclist and rock climber, and has been learning CNC milling.

Senior Product Designer

Jay Moore

After receiving his degree in Art from James Madison University, Jay moved to Washington DC, where he had the opportunity to work in a variety of design roles – from working in-house at some of the largest brands & best known media giants, to consulting for agencies, start ups, corporate environments & all kinds of independent design projects in-between. In 2013, Jay moved his family from the big city & now very happily calls Wake Forest, NC home.

When he’s not behind a computer pushing pixels, Jay enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new areas, drawing, on long trail hikes, and grilling up tasty meals.

Software Engineer

Rob Snyder

Rob first became interested in programming as a teenager. He started off writing text-based adventure games in Visual Studio and found it fueled both the creative and logical parts of his mind. He went on to graduate from DePauw University with a degree in computer science and has worked at Kaplan Compliance, Aprimo, and Bluelock.

When not in front of a computer screen, Rob enjoys hiking in the mountains and playing ultimate frisbee. He is always looking to learn new things.

Associate Software Engineer

Haley Ward

Haley is a self-taught software engineer who has always loved to learn new things. She previously worked in the healthcare industry for 6 years as a Medical Coder before moving into software engineering roles at Alkami Technology and Zylo.

In her spare time she loves to hike, run, practice hot yoga, and read. One of Haley’s next goals is to run her first half marathon!

Mobile Software Engineer

Josh Dowdle

Several years ago when Josh was living in Texas, he was looking for a job that would get him back to Utah, provide tuition money for the pursuit of a planned degree in Economics, and (most importantly) needed cash for an engagement ring. Through his software developer older brother, Josh found that opportunity in the IT department where his brother worked, and Josh gained experience building internal web applications. That internship, in a field Josh had never considered before, made it clear that software development should be the focus of his career plans.

Prior to LifeOmic, Josh developed various software; his most recent job was coding applications for emergency dispatch (i.e. 911) centers.

Josh loves spending free time with his wife (the target of the aforementioned engagement ring) and their two young boys. Together they enjoy exploring nearby parks, playing games, and reading books.

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan Amick

Nathan was introduced to programming at age 12 when his parents brought home a Commodore 64 for Christmas. After his parent’s refused to buy him games, he began modeling his favorite arcade hits in C64 Basic.

Years later, Nathan found himself building web sites and began freelancing as a way to pay for college. He started several companies with friends, and in 2007 launched SeedboxHosting. Its main product empowered non-technical users to configure and provision their own server resources for gaming and file sharing. In 2013, he moved to San Francisco and signed on with GoodGuide working with large enterprise applications, web services, and front-end frameworks. He has also worked with streaming music, decentralized networks, and learning software.

Nathan brings 20+ years of experience working and mentoring in the industry across all phases of software development. He especially loves creating great UI/UX while maintaining quality and tested code. He also loves woodworking, climbing trees, and hanging out with his wife and three girls.

Senior Software Engineer

Nick Martin

Nick’s innate curiosity and passion for building things led him to become a software engineer. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s in Computer Science, Nick began working for a SaaS startup, Qualtrics, in Provo, Utah. After several years, Nick left Qualtrics and worked for a few different startups where he quickly found a love for AWS and Serverless technologies. Prior to joining LifeOmic, Nick worked at Jolt as a Team Lead and Senior Engineer where he helped implement Jolt’s first Serverless GraphQL API.

Nick still enjoys building things and always has a project that he’s working on. He enjoys being outdoors with his wife and son and also loves hiking and golfing.

Chief Strategy Officer

Ed Simcox

Prior to joining LifeOmic, Ed served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the largest civilian government agency in the world. He led efforts at HHS to effectively leverage data, technology and innovation to improve the lives of the American people and the performance of the Department’s 29 agencies and offices. While CTO, he also served as Acting Chief Information Officer at HHS, where he oversaw the Department’s IT modernization efforts, IT operations and cybersecurity.

Prior to HHS, Ed was served in roles as Healthcare Practice Leader at Logicalis, Director of US Healthcare Strategy and Offer Development at AT&T and Chief Technology Officer at Indiana University Health.

Ed was recently awarded The Best Boss in Federal IT, The Fed 50 and the American society of Nephrology’s President’s Medal for his work to improve kidney care in the United States.

Prior to entering healthcare, Ed was a professional drummer, having toured and played numerous studio sessions. He is an avid sports and entertainment photographer, and his photos have been syndicated and featured in magazines and industry websites. Ed, his wife and his three daughters live in Indianapolis.

Bioinformatics Scientist

Jairav Desai

Jairav has, by his own description, a non-standard biography. He has Indian roots but is a third generation African – born in Kenya and raised in Southern Africa. As a child he was always fascinated with the sciences, but in elementary school he read a book about the birth of the computer revolution that etched itself onto his mind. After high school in Botswana, he studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Purdue University, and then did a Masters in Computational Biology at Northwestern University. He then worked for 10 years at Eli Lilly in bioinformatics research, working largely with autoimmune and endocrine scientists. His main research interest lies in cross-sectional analysis of high-dimensional, multi-omics data and the challenge of visualizing that data.

Jairav enjoys playing tennis and soccer, but he’ll play any sport “to test the limits of his coordination”. He enjoys hiking and backpacking, and is in the process of hiking every back country trail in Indiana.

Research Scientist

Brad Hancock

Brad is a translational scientist whose passion is improving patient lives through advancing precision medicine to the forefront of healthcare. His 12 year career as a scientist in oncology has been dedicated to the personalization of cancer-focused therapies through the discovery of genomic biomarkers of response and toxicity. To LifeOmic, Brad brings the perspective of the clinician and scientist, leveraging the broad expertise he has amassed encompassing clinical practice, clinical and translational research, precision oncology, and personalized medicine.

Brad holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from Purdue University and a board certification in Medical Technology. He currently resides in the Indianapolis area with his wife and son and enjoys talking science, sports, craft beer, and country living.

Growth Marketing Manager

Hannah Edgerly

Hannah, originally an upstate New York native, graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a bachelor’s in Marketing Strategy. She loves creating strategic marketing plans that focus on aggressive growth for companies that aim to make a difference in the lives of others.

Prior to joining LifeOmic, Hannah worked as a Senior Strategist for a premier digital marketing agency in Raleigh. While working in an ever-changing industry, Hannah developed a growth focused mindset and a passion for strategic planning and future-proofing.

Outside of work, Hannah advocates for environmental protection and climate change solutions. As often as she can, she mixes her love for the outdoors, traveling, and trying new foods. Three of her favorite places in the world include Stockholm, the Amalfi Coast, and southern France. You’ll also often find her reading the classic works of Jack Kerouac and other literary legends.

Software Engineer

Matthew Stagg

Matthew cut his teeth on programming in middle school by working with Lego robotics kits and building text adventure games in BASIC. He joined the National Guard in 2010 and served 6 years as an Intelligence Analyst in the US Army. Matthew graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Southern Indiana in 2016.

He has since worked as a software engineer in a variety of industries, including IoT, home appliances, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Prior to LifeOmic, he worked at Viral Launch building a platform that drove more than $8 billion in sales on Amazon.

When he isn’t bashing his keyboard, Matthew enjoys hunting, barbecuing, playing board games, and rooting for the Indianapolis Colts.

Senior Software Engineer

Eric Lifka

Eric got his start programming simple games on his calculator in middle school, and this led to studying programming & computer science at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and then at NCSU where he earned a bachelor’s of engineering in computer science in 2010. Career-wise he’s worked across the tech-stack in many environments, but he always finds himself gravitating back to the UI.

In his personal life, Eric likes to spend his time with his family who love to go kayaking and swimming, as well as playing board games together. When he has a rare quiet moment he still likes to make the same kinds of simple silly games that got him started.

Lead Incident and Response Engineer

Adam Cole

Adam graduated with his Bachelor’s in Information Assurance and Security in 2016, and since then he’s become more and more passionate about stopping adversaries. Starting out as a systems administrator for a small local business, Adam quickly rose to be a cybersecurity engineer for a national software company. He also believes in the information security community and is involved in multiple open projects — the most recent being an ongoing threat aggregation and monitoring project surrounding COVID-19.

Adam spends most of his time with his wife and son. He enjoys reading, hiking the hills of Indiana’s Brown County, building furniture, and traveling whenever possible.

Senior Software Engineer

Lars Mortenson

Lars has been passionate about writing software from an early age, writing games in BASIC and spending summers programming as a web developer. After receiving a B.S in Computer Science from William & Mary in 2003, he went on to spend his career developing applications for clients ranging from the U.S. Navy to Fortune 500 corporations. During this time, due to a series of improbable circumstances he also wrote part of an international treaty with Australia.

Prior to joining LifeOmic, Lars developed reverse logistics software that annually processes millions of retailer product returns at Inmar Intelligence.

In his free time Lars enjoys swimming, home automation, flying drones and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Senior Security and Compliance Automation Engineer

Bishop Bettini

Bishop’s passion for technology and the great outdoors began early. When not teaching himself to program on the family IBM PS/2, he was out working and exploring his family’s farm or camping with his Boy Scout troop, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

After graduating from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and then North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Science, he led a successful startup that disrupted the facilities management space with the world’s first web-based campus asset and capital project management app.

These days, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, flying kites, and tending their urban homestead. He’s recently rekindled his childhood interest in metal detecting and hopes to hook his family on that soon.

Product Manager

Amy Gilchriest

Amy joins LifeOmic with technical scientific background, extensive software product ownership experience, and passion for improving health with digital products.

After building novel analytical instruments during her doctoral research, Amy joined a startup company to build software automating scientific data analysis and laboratory processes. Over 13 years with Indigo BioAutomation, she served as Chief Scientist and Product Manager, contributing to all aspects of delivering the company’s flagship product.

Born in Virginia, Amy earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics from The College of William and Mary in 2000. She earned a Doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from Purdue University in 2005 and now resides in Indiana. Her pastimes include jogging, cooking, reading, and spending time with loved ones.

Implementation Engineer

Alexander Olivero

Alexander received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Butler University in 2016. During his time there, he developed an interest in computer science and business development.

Prior to joining LifeOmic, he worked as a data engineer for a major actuarial consulting firm where he built analytics for value-based care healthcare organizations. Wanting to shift focus from financial outcomes to have a more direct impact on patients, he was naturally drawn to clinical data and precision medicine.

When he’s not digging into healthcare data, Alexander enjoys reading, yoga, sand volleyball, and the occasional problem solving session on a bouldering wall.

Software Engineer

Arin Reese

Arin enjoyed coding in high school, but before making a career of it he joined the US Army to repair helicopters. After military service, he went to Penn State University and received a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. His full-time coding career started at Interactive Intelligence, now known as Genesys, where he built UIs and highly scalable microservices.

Arin also keeps up with current technologies and looks for any excuse to build new computers or servers at home. He also enjoys spending free time with his family and working outdoors.

Mobile Software Engineer

Max Johansen

Max started writing code in high school for the FTC robotics club. He programmed both the autonomous functionality and driver control software.

He graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. While at school he focused on Machine Learning and co-founded the Machine Learning @ Berkeley club.

After graduation he wrote TypeScript for various frontends and backends at Instructure and Lacuna.

In his free time Max likes to play Chess, Warzone and League of Legends. He also rock climbs, and enjoys cycling during the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Lifeology Communications Manager

Elaine Algarra

Elaine joined Lifeomic after a 24-year career in Art and Design Education, working in England and the USA. She completed her BA Hons Degree in Design and PGCE in Art Education at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, England. She has been awarded two national Silver medals at the Scholastic Art Awards, with some of her students’ work on display in the U.S. Capitol.

Elaine is passionate about mental health wellness, using art to communicate ideas, social-emotional learning, health literacy, and empowering the public. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and creating art in various media.

Senior Software Engineer

Jelani Jackson

Jelani is a senior software engineer hailing from the University of Central Florida (#GoKnights and #ChargeOn) graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. He joined PowerDMS in Orlando, FL for 8 years as a software engineer working on a variety of solutions to service the law enforcement industry.

Jelani’s love for quotes and video games brought him a quote that he lives by in his personal and professional life, “The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer” – Call of Duty. He considers himself a lifetime student (actively learning Spanish), believing that when you stop learning you stop growing. He also has a passion for travel, investing, and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.

Social Media Associate

Camille Brown

Camille is passionate about exercise, nutrition, and wellness. She is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in human nutrition and dietetics at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and will soon be pursing her master’s degree and Registered Dietician license.

Camille has been certified in personal training by the National Personal Training Institute. She is a former gymnast and is currently a competition-level CrossFit athlete. Camille lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys spending time with her family in Park City, Utah.

Sr Product Designer

Eloisa Docton

Eloisa is a designer and maker based in North Carolina mostly known for her whimsy illustrations, content creation and web design. After going to Art School in Venezuela, Eloisa pursued a Coding Bootcamp where the learned front end development, focusing on user interfaces. She has been a designer for 17+ years and specializes in web and mobile design. Eloisa is the Product Designer for Skillspring, the LifeOmic video widget, and also collaborates with marketing and owns all of the company’s websites.

Eloisa lives in a small town with her husband, two girls, and her ever growing group of animals that include chickens, roosters, dogs, bunnies and whatever else needs a new home.

Principal Technical Writer

Jeff Beard

Jeff has been writing about technology for over twenty years, beginning with his job as the technology and IPO editor at Dow Jones Newswires. After writing about startups for investors, he moved to California and became a technical writer at the startup Cerent Corp., which was acquired by Cisco for $6.9 billion. After working for Cisco for fourteen years, Jeff joined Interactive Intelligence to write about the PureCloud product.

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Spring Hill College and a master’s degree in Nonfiction Writing from Johns Hopkins University. He has contributed freelance photography and writing to magazines, such as the Wine Spectator, Into the Wind, the Foreign Service Journal, and Golden Retriever World, where he wrote about his brother hiking the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail with his dog, Max.  Jeff enjoys bowhunting, training his Boykin Spaniel, and trying to keep up with his wife and three kids on hikes.

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