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  • Don Brown
    Don Brown
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Hemp
    Chris Hemp
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Matt Lavin
    Matt Lavin
    Software Architect
  • Steve Bray
    Steve Bray
    Scientific Director
  • Krisanna Bohall
    Krisanna Bohall
    Director of Operations
  • Jeff Jagoda
    Jeff Jagoda
    Technical Director
  • Chad Jarreau
    Chad Jarreau
    Software Engineer
  • Alex Luebbehusen
    Alex Luebbehusen
    Principal Software Engineer
  • Doryan Algarra
    Doryan Algarra
    VP of Design
  • Mark DeLaVergne
    Mark DeLaVergne
    Software Architect
  • Paige Jarreau
    Paige Jarreau
    Health Literacy Advisor
  • Jesse Kinser
    Jesse Kinser
  • Casey Dexter
    Casey Dexter
    Principal Product Designer
  • Simon Silitonga
    Simon Silitonga
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Candace Luebbehusen
    Candace Luebbehusen
    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Melissa Webb
    Melissa Webb
    Product Director
  • Dan Perkins
    Dan Perkins
    Principal Software Engineer
  • David Tanner
    David Tanner
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Nathan Amick
    Nathan Amick
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ryan Ratcliff
    Ryan Ratcliff
    Principal Software Engineer
  • Aymane Nadi
    Aymane Nadi
    Principal Software Engineer
  • Jay Moore
    Jay Moore
    Principal Product Designer
  • Rob Snyder
    Rob Snyder
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Haley Ward
    Haley Ward
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Josh Dowdle
    Josh Dowdle
    Senior Mobile Software Engineer
  • Brad Hancock
    Brad Hancock
    Research Scientist
  • Adam Cole
    Adam Cole
    Technical Director of Security Operations
  • Bishop Bettini
    Bishop Bettini
    Director of Security
  • Amy Gilchriest
    Amy Gilchriest
    Senior Product Manager
  • Elaine Algarra
    Elaine Algarra
    Customer Experience Manager
  • Jelani Jackson
    Jelani Jackson
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Jeff Beard
    Jeff Beard
    Principal Technical Writer
  • Swain Molster
    Swain Molster
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Lisa Hawke
    Lisa Hawke
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Alejandro Corredor
    Alejandro Corredor
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Evan Heisler
    Evan Heisler
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Richard Neidermyer
    Richard Neidermyer
    Software Architect
  • Bruce Glazier
    Bruce Glazier
    Mobile Software Engineer
  • Teddy Sterne
    Teddy Sterne
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Shelagh Fraser
    Shelagh Fraser
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Sandra Chouinard
    Sandra Chouinard
    Customer Success Manager
  • Melissa Crandall
    Melissa Crandall
    Administrative Specialist
  • Schaffer Stewart
    Schaffer Stewart
    Software Engineer
  • Joshua King
    Joshua King
    Software Engineer
  • Jenna Dahl
    Jenna Dahl
    Growth Marketing Manager
  • Greg Roth
    Greg Roth
    Strategic Account Director
  • Jamie Renbarger Miller
    Jamie Renbarger Miller
    VP of Oncology and Patient Experience
  • Michael Haffey
    Michael Haffey
    Director of Channel Sales
  • Matt Nicolls
    Matt Nicolls
    Software Engineer
  • Shawn Zhu
    Shawn Zhu
    Principal Software Engineer
  • Evan Peterson
    Evan Peterson
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Ronnie Nelson
    Ronnie Nelson
    Creative Content Manager
  • David Brown
    David Brown
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Roger Reeves
    Roger Reeves
    VP Business Development
  • David Lynch
    David Lynch
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ryan Mee
    Ryan Mee
    Software Engineer
  • Connor Luebbehusen
    Connor Luebbehusen
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Samantha Yeager
    Samantha Yeager
    Software Engineer
  • Gretchen Reeves
    Gretchen Reeves
    Legal Intern
  • Nick Gabry
    Nick Gabry
    Bioinformatics Engineer
  • Tom Callis
    Tom Callis
    Principal Scientist
  • Lisa Huse
    Lisa Huse
    Chief Marketing Officer

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