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Helping medical device manufacturers collect, store and analyze device data in a secure cloud-based platform.

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A Modern Data Solutionfor Medical Device Manufacturers

The data that comes out of your device is just as important as the components that go in it. When developing a medical device, don’t wait to implement a secure, reliable data solution. The LifeOmic Platform provides the data collection, storage and reporting needed to bring your medical device into the future.

We Have High Standards

The LifeOmic Platform was architected for security and built to handle the most complex types of health data.


  • HITRUST CSF Certified
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Consent Tracking
  • Attributed-Based Access Control (ABAC)
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Routine security threat tests

Medical Foundation

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • FHIR Standards
  • GA4GH Standards
  • EMR Integration
  • Health APIs
  • Proven data backbone for medical centers, researchers and medical device manufacturers

The LifeOmic Platform Benefits Clinicians, Manufacturers and Patients

Empower Clinicianswith Data

  • Securely collect and distribute data from an implanted, connected or wearable device to the patient’s care team. 
  • Automatically pull data from and push data to Electronic Medical Records to more efficiently track patient progress.
  • Use treatment responses to train AI models and make suggestions for future application (ex: automated drug delivery or electrical stimulation events).
  • Give clinicians the ability to aggregate data from groups of patients to improve device and procedure success rates.
  • Use remote monitoring to proactively diagnose patient issues and employ proper care interventions.
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Monitor & ImproveDevice Performance

  • Modernize your post-market surveillance by proactively monitoring your device in the market. 
  • Use AI models to better understand the factors that lead to device failures and predict them before they happen.
  • Lower the cost of traditional field support by reducing the number of onsite visits needed when a local data storage solution is in place. Cloud-based storage allows for remote, realtime device data collection. 
  • Take advantage of Machine Learning to accelerate the development of future device innovations.
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Support CompanionPatient Apps

  • Build a patient engagement app on top of our mobile application framework to deliver information directly to patients and their families.
  • Use surveys and assessments to uncover how patient-reported behavior and environmental factors affect health outcomes and device performance. 
  • Work with clinicians to provide alerts and lifestyle recommendations to patients based on device readings.
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What do medical device manufacturers ask for in a data solution?

We understand the nuances of healthcare systems and make device data management and analytics simple. Looking for something else? Let us know!

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Developing a scalable, reliable and secure health data solution is difficult and time-intensive. Accelerate your speed to market with the LifeOmic Platform. 

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Whether you’ve built an implanted, connected or wearable medical device, if it’s collecting data, you need a secure, compliant solution. Schedule a demo today to learn how the LifeOmic Platform can meet your device data needs.