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Turnkey Solution for Healthcare IT professionals looking to ingest documents at scale

PrecisionOCR is an out-of-the-box solution for IT teams to facilitate the turning of unstructured documents into structured data. Harness our tool via CLI, Python SDK or API endpoints to automate the transformation of source material into structured data records.

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Bulk ingest clinical files

Automate the extraction of laboratory testing values and phenotype details

Out-of-the-box clinical document to FHIR pipeline to codify medical data

Programmatic OCR Platform

PrecisionOCR takes your documents (PDF, JPG and PNG) and uses cutting-edge natural language processing to automatically uncover medications, observations, conditions and procedures and converts them to HL7’s FHIR standards

Automate document ingestion using our CLI, API endpoints or Python SDK to integrate with your own infrastructure.

This option is especially useful for the bulk ingestion of files and scripting operations without using or building out any other services.

Uncover What Matters, Automatically

PrecisionOCR leverages many data types with FHIR, including:

  • Lab Values
  • Medications and Dosages
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Procedures
  • Associated Dates
  • Identifiable PHI

PrecisionOCR supports RxNORM, ICD-10-CM, LOINC, SNOMED.  It also supports the ability to upload custom ontologies.

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Automate Lab Report Data Extraction

Never start from scratch by using PrecisionOCR’s library of pre-built Lab Report Extractors to accelerate your workflow to pull relevant lab values.

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Note: All data is synthetic and does not contain protected health data.