LifeOmic Wellness Frequently Asked Questions.

LifeOmic is transforming wellness. A key part of that transformation is the price. Existing wellness programs are expensive and often require long term contracts and heavy administrative burden. 

LifeOmic Wellness Basic Edition is Free…yes, Free.

LifeOmic is dedicated to improving the health of the world using information technology, genetics and ML/AI. We feel a key part of realizing this mission is making consumer and employee wellness application free. Additionally, LifeOmic is partly owned by the largest medical school in the U.S. – the Indiana University School of Medicine – which helps us stay focused on our overall mission.

This free LifeOmic Wellness offering creates awareness of our other healthcare products that we sell to hospitals, insurance companies and other organizations in the healthcare market. We also get a small amount of revenue from some of the third-party goods and services (e.g. genetic testing, discounted wearables) that are offered within the mobile app.

Absolutely not! We are not in the business of selling data. We have strict access controls that prevent us or anyone else from accessing individual employee information.

No. Although we will release a paid version with premium features in the future, we will still have a free version.

Although your insurance company will not have access to your data unless you grant them access, the outcome of a healthier team should help reduce your insurance rates over time.

Our mobile application integrates with the leading wearable devices including Fitbit and Oura Ring as well as Apple HealthKit to automatically integrate data. Additionally, we have a partnership with Oura Ring, that offers a $50 discount per device (if you would like to order more than 100 devices, please contact us for an even larger discount).

It is easy to get started today. Our onboarding process takes less than 5 minutes to go from signup to fully deployed wellness program (really!) Schedule a demo to learn how.

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