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As a health leader, whether you are a health coach, a trainer, a dietitian or a physical therapist, you want to provide your clients and patients with personalized plans that address their individual needs and resources, symptom management, existing health conditions and desired outcomes.


You are also passionate about empowering your clients and patients to take control of their own health moving forward. This means giving them personalized encouragement and feedback and helping them get plugged into social support groups.

But this personalized and interactive care can be a difficult with dozens of clients or patients, much less hundreds or thousands.

  • You may be meeting your goals now, but how do you scale your personalized care approach going forward?
  • How do you leverage individual data that is increasingly complex, from data on predisposing genetic factors for disease to microbiome data to wearables data, to inform the health recommendations and personalized plans you deliver to your clients/patients?
  • How do you monitor the progress of your clients/patients to evaluate the impact of these personalized recommendations and plans in a data-driven way?

“I need a way to engage individuals in making one or more healthy lifestyle changes at scale, and I need to prove that engagement to employers.

Matt Shade, Owner of FitLivin’. FitLivin’ is a wellness coaching brand that helps employers strategize and implement successful wellness solutions. Matt Shade, the owner of FitLivin’, runs programs that help employees take ownership of their health. Read how he ran a 6-week wellness course and created an engaged community using our wellness tools.

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We designed our LIFE Extend® mobile application for precision health to both empower any user to take control of their healthspan, but also to empower you as a health leader.

LIFE Extend allows you to engage your clients/patients with personalized health recommendations and “to do” daily plans, pushed to either individuals or cohorts you build of clients/patients with similar health goals, symptoms, etc. This way, your personalized approach to care can scale, whether you have 10 clients/patients or 1,000.

LIFE Extend enables you to be data-driven like never before. You will be able to harness and visualize a vast range of types of patient-acquired health data (wearables, behavioral, custom survey, mood and symptom data, etc.). You will also be able to meaningfully evaluate the effectiveness of your recommendations, personalized health plans, educational materials and interventions.

Data integration to all of your existing data including lab vendors, wearables, medical device vendors and more.

Easily customizable dashboards to integrate views of your clients.

LIFE Extend mobile app for surveys, care plans, recommendations, communications and progress.

Create Circles in LIFE Extend to provide your clients an opportunity to interact with other clients or you and your staff.

Cloud-based and highly secure. No software to install or maintain.

Our mobile application integrates with our healthcare-grade, HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified Precision Health Cloud (PHC) platform. All user data from LIFE Extend is stored in the PHC, where it can be directly integrated with other client data you may have access to including clinical data, EMR data, lab values, genomic testing, etc.


In PHC, you can seamlessly visualize all of this data in easy to customize dashboards. You can visualize individual client/patient timelines as well as look across your entire population and easily build and store cohorts. These cohorts or client/patient groupings will enable you to understand which interventions and care plans are most effective for whom.

With LIFE Extend and the Precision Health Cloud, you can also follow the progress of your clients/patients remotely, receive alerts when they are struggling or dealing with worsened symptoms, and encourage them or provide revised recommendations when it matters most.

A patient-facing solution for data collection and wellness delivery wouldn’t be complete without features that promote true engagement, empowerment and interaction. With LIFE Extend, you can interact with your clients/patients one-on-one as well as communicate with cohorts or groups, via our LIFE social Circles.

This communication can come in the form of gamified challenges, educational articles and videos, and social multimedia announcements. You can also get important feedback from your clients/patients through survey, progress and symptom/mood tiles in LIFE Extend that will enable you to modify their personalized health recommendations and plans on the fly.

The Precision Health Cloud platform in conjunction with the LIFE Extend application will change how you deliver health recommendations and personalized nutrition, exercise, therapy or wellness plans to your clients. By getting a full view of your clients/patients, including patient acquired data, you can deliver on the promise of personalized health.

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