Patient feedback is a core tenet of precision health. Yet patients are in a healthcare setting less than 1% of their time. What’s more, existing patient-facing applications often suffer a lack of engagement due to complexity and user experience issues.

LifeOmic® took a very different approach, focusing on user experience to create a social, gamified, interactive health mobile app that could realistically connect researchers and clinicians with their patients at scale.

This approach has led to high engagement and high retention within our apps, enabling you to reliably reach your patient and caretaker populations.

The LIFE Extend application is built on top of LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud (PHC), so mobile-acquired data is aggregated along with clinical data from EMRs, genomic data, imaging data and more. Once the data is aggregated, analytics and ML/AI models can be built in the PHC.

To support both research and clinical use cases, LIFE Extend provides:

  • Aggregation of behavioral data such as activity, sleep, nutrition and stress with electronic health data, genomic data, exposome data, etc. via the Precision Health Cloud.
  • Ability to develop and deliver surveys to individuals and/or cohorts of patients.
  • Ability to develop, deliver and measure compliance of care plans and provider created to-do lists.
  • Opportunity to create and deliver custom content and applications.

Researchers can also access LifeOmic’s opt-in global network of individuals open to participating in research studies and clinical trials.   

One of the core tenets of precision health is the ability to fluidly interact with patients when they are not in a health care setting, and be able to integrate patient-acquired data with other applicable data to truly deliver the best patient outcomes. LIFE Extend is the first application that, in conjunction with the Precision Health Cloud, delivers this ability.

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