We understand that optimal treatment and drug discovery depends on uncovering relationships within data from many different sources. However, current healthcare IT systems do not democratize data, hindering research and discovery.

The LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud (PHC) was created to break down the silos that exist between current systems.

The PHC can integrate genomic, EHR, imaging, demographic and any other data set. It indexes all of this data so you can effortlessly combine and visualize it either as part of ad hoc exploration or within applications such as clinical decision support. Additionally, machine learning models can uncover the most nuanced but important relationships.

The PHC is a platform in the most revolutionary sense. It is easy to use the PHC to connect to existing visualization tools, create new applications, or explore data directly. It supports integration with any language and framework including R, Python, Swift, Objective-C, Android, Javascript, and more. It seamlessly integrates with the analysis and visualization tools you use today such as Jupyter Notebook, R Studio, Tableau, Spotfire, and more.

Building Applications on the PHC

You can even collocate your microservices and Docker containers to enable the best performance and security.

The PHC is a cloud platform that is secure and virtually infinitely scalable. Our zero-trust, security first architecture is more secure than on-premise systems. Your data is always yours and under your control.

The Precision Health Cloud is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified and GDPR compliant.

SOC2 Audited
The PHC is HITRUST CSF Certified
The PHC is HIPAA Compliant
LifeOmic software is GDPR Compliant

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