Pharmaceutical Researchers Accelerating Discovery

You understand that accelerating research means you will be able to develop impactful treatments sooner. However, your current IT systems don't facilitate the data integration you need to most efficiently perform big data analysis. Instead, you and your team waste valuable time and energy trying to aggregate, normalize, store and retrieve data. Additionally, recruiting diverse, representative clinical trail participants is difficult and further delays regulatory approvals.

The LifeOmic® Precision Health Cloud was designed to eliminate hard-to-access data scattered in siloed proprietary systems. The PHC acts as a data aggregation and storage platform for all types of data including clinical, imaging, population and genomic data. It is all indexed so you can easily create simple or complex queries.

Once the data are aggregated, you can build complex analytical and predictive models with the Precision Health Cloud’s analytics and machine learning tools.

With robust access controls, you can share data between organizations or other teams while controlling who has access to what data and when. Of course, any data you store in the PHC remain yours and will not be used or shared except by you. The PHC also provides access logging so you can accurately track data lineage.

The PHC platform was designed from the start to be more secure than on-premise data warehouses and software solutions.

The PHC is also cost efficient with no up-front fees, long-term contracts or expensive consultants necessary. You simply pay for what you use.

Limitless Visualization

The Precision Health Cloud for Pharmaceutical Research provides limitless data aggregation and visualization all while giving you the tools to easily control who has access to which subject data across the entire research team and your organization. PHC for Pharmaceutical Research’s focused dashboards enable you to visualize all individual and cohort data quickly and in one place to get the most complete picture of a subject and monitor adverse effects and trends over time.

  • Overlay custom data fields to identify potential correlation
  • Quickly view trends over time on any data point
  • Monitor subject progress with wearable and medical device integrations
  • Create custom cohorts to monitor group data trends
  • Deep dive into participation and completion status of programs alongside individual health outcomes

Plus, the platform is both HIPAA complaint and HITRUST CSF Certified to ensure all data is secure while minimizing capital expense and operating cost.

Collect Consent and Monitor Symptoms From Anywhere

With our customizable and HIPAA-compliant mobile app, you can control any and all information shared directly with your subjects while collecting the data you need to conduct a successful study. Options include:

  • Create and send custom eConsent language required for program participation and easily track participants’ consent status
  • Track ongoing symptoms with custom surveys that are pushed to subject’s mobile device
  • Monitor progress with consumer wearables and medical device integrations
  • Share custom study requirements in the form of to-dos including daily dosages or recommended instructions
  • Send tailored educational materials
  • Ability for patient to view their own health trends over time
  • Connect via on-demand or scheduled tele-health call

Clinical Trial Education and Recruitment

Lifeology enables the development of educational, engaging courses that help with recruiting and engaging clinical trial participants. Lifeology courses can be translated into multiple languages.

Our network of copyrighters, translators and custom artists are available to supplement your team to develop engaging, compelling courses using our proven content structure methodology.

The Lifeology platform streamlines course development, collaboration, analytics approvals. The platform also delivers the courses over a high-performance, secure and scalable cloud platform.

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