Data holds the key to solving the challenge of precision genomics however current IT systems don’t facilitate the aggregation of data in a way that accelerates your progress. LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud is the cloud platform that enables you to use all of your genomic data to drive better patient outcomes. The PHC also integrates directly with sequencing vendors such as FoundationOne, NantOmics, and more.

The Precision Health Cloud provides a platform to streamline analysis and annotation of your research and patient data.

Knowledge Base

  • A vast repository of biomedical and genomic information available from public, commercial and private sources. Information is transformed, harmonized and linked to allow for unified access. You can easily query and annotate your data thanks to this Knowledge Base information, which is fully integrated into the PHC. The Knowledge Base is integrated into Insights to enrich your understanding of derived findings.
  • Population and disease variant information from sources including: dbSNP, gnomAD, COSMIC and ClinVar. The PHC Knowledge Base contains oncological variant data and clinically relevant drug information from CIViC ( and CGI ( You can query for known details around variants, genes or genomic regions of interest. Future information sources will include pharmacogenomics drug variants, pathways, molecular signatures, biomarkers, etc.
  • Automatic updating. The Knowledge Base is updated in real-time from our sources, including versioning information, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date.

Omics Dashboard

The Omics Dashboard provides a summary of files ingested for each project including any errors found so you can stay on top of your caseload. Easily track recent test results and progress such as testing date, upload date and ingestion date.

Omics Explorer

Omic data for individual patients are easily navigated and filtered using the Omics Explorer feature in PHC. Both germline and somatic DNA variants (short, copy number and structural variants) along with RNA gene expression levels are extensively annotated with public and private databases using Gnosis. Gnosis is Lifeomic’s genetic knowledge base that accumulates multiple open and close source resources. This includes popular knowledge bases such as Clinvar, Cosmic, DBSnp, and more to support functional and clinical interpretation. Users can browse the variants ad hoc or create saved filters for automated variant analysis.

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