Clinicians and researchers who need an integrated solution to develop and deploy precision medicine treatments

Pharmaceutical researchers who want to accelerate discovery

Software companies who want to achieve compliance and certifications faster and easier

Individuals who want to be more involved in their health outcomes

Develop Personalized Treatments

Ensuring the most effective treatments requires a full view of a patient's genetic, phenotypic and behavioral data. This requires a platform that can easily combine disparate data from a variety of systems. Clinicians and clinical researchers can truly realize the potential of personalized medicine.

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Accelerate Pharmaceutical Research

LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud (PHC) accelerates the pharmaceutical discovery process by seamlessly integrating data from many sources, including genomic, clinical and trial data so you can uncover new associations in ways not otherwise possible.

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Deliver Secure Cloud Software

IT organizations in healthcare are increasingly stretched thin, trying to deliver solutions that serve customers' and constituents' needs and are cost effective, secure and easy to maintain.

LifeOmic's PHC enables your IT teams to build innovative applications that serve your organization's needs while not needing to have large capital expenditures, hire expensive consultants, install problematic software upgrades, or support security patching.

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Enable Healthier Lifestyleswith Mobile Apps

The LIFE suite of mobile apps empowers individuals to adopt, manage and share healthier lifestyle choices such as intermittent fasting, personalized nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques and more. Leveraging the Precision Health Cloud (PHC), the LIFE applications empower patients to take control to live healthier and longer.

As a LIFE Fasting App user, you can track and share your experiences with intermittent fasting. The LIFE Extend App will help you benchmark your biological or health-adjusted age and enable you to make lifestyle choices to improve your health and wellness. As a user, you can optionally share your experiences and data with healthcare providers and researchers to advance precision health.

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