Helping you activate precision health with innovative cloud and mobile software


Clinicians and researchers who need an integrated solution to develop and deploy precision medicine

Pharmaceutical researchers who want to accelerate discovery and reach patients

Software companies who want build solutions on a provide, secure and scalable cloud and mobile platform

Employers who want to improve employee productivity through better health and wellness

Oncology Solutions

The Precision Health Cloud for Oncology helps cancer researchers and clinicians activate precision medicine. By aggregating genomic, clinical, imaging and other -omic data, the Precision Health Cloud gives you the visibility to determine the best treatment options. Integrated clinical trial matching helps uncover the trials that can deliver the best outcomes. The LIFE Extend mobile application enables you to streamline patient reported outcome data and manage care plans.

Cardiology Solutions

As a cardiologist, you want to deliver personalized treatments and preventative interventions that best improve patient outcomes. Current systems don’t enable you to integrate data from the EMR, wearables, imaging and other critical systems in order to do this. Instead this data is siloed, preventing you from seeing the full picture for any patient or cohort. The Precision Health Cloud for Cardiology enables you to seamlessly combine all patient data for a complete, clinically focused view of patients. The LIFE Extend mobile app enables collection of patient acquired data and delivery of custom care plans at scale, all while encouraging interventions that will improve patients’ health.

Functional Medicine Solutions

Functional Medicine practitioners are faced with treating conditions that can have dozens or hundreds of symptoms. This requires combining and analyzing data from clinical observations, labs, surveys, genomic tests and more. The Precision Health Cloud for Functional Medicine seamlessly integrates data from these systems into a clinician-focused view. It is simple to build cohorts based on a wide variety of criteria to compare symptoms, treatments and outcomes. The LIFE Extend mobile app enables you to deliver remote patient care at scale; you can deliver surveys, care plans and recommendations as well as measure patient progress.

Employer Wellness Solutions

Healthy employees are productive employees. But current wellness programs are expensive and require significant resources to manage. You want a wellness solution that can scale to any size organization or team, is easy to manage and most importantly improves employee health and wellness. By leveraging our experience in working with leading health care providers and researchers, we deliver the first employee wellness program that is easy to manage and cost effective while delivering improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

Health Coaching Solutions

As a health coach, you need a cost-effective way to engage and grow your client base. Built on a foundation of 5 pillars of health and using tools such as curated social networks, educational content, challenges and easy billing, LifeOmic’s LIFE Extend mobile application and the Precision Health Cloud will enable you to scale your coaching business. The signup process for both your clients and yourself only takes minutes. The Precision Health Cloud for Health Coaches and LIFE Extend are ideal for health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, weight loss coaches and any other health and wellness provider.


LifeOmic has built a portfolio of free mobile applications to encourage individuals to take control of their wellness through science-backed health practices. The highly rated LIFE Fasting Tracker application is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. Our LIFE Extend application helps users both improve their health as well as connect with healthcare researchers and providers. Our LIFE Apps blogging network provides science-backed content focused around five pillars of health - Plant-based Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness and Intermittent Fasting.