Helping you activate precision health with innovative cloud and mobile software


Clinicians and researchers who need an integrated solution to develop and deploy precision medicine.

Pharmaceutical researchers who want to accelerate discovery and reach patients.

Software companies who want to build solutions on a secure and scalable cloud and mobile platform.

Oncology Solutions

LifeOmic Oncology helps cancer researchers and clinicians activate precision medicine. By aggregating genomic, clinical, imaging and other -omic data, the Platform gives you the visibility to determine the best treatment options. Integrated clinical trial matching helps uncover the trials that can deliver the best outcomes. Our mobile application enables you to streamline patient reported outcome data and manage care plans.

Cardiology Solutions

As a cardiologist, you want to deliver personalized treatments and preventative interventions that best improve patient outcomes. Current systems don’t enable you to integrate data from the EMR, wearables, imaging and other critical systems in order to do this. Instead this data is siloed, preventing you from seeing the full picture for any patient or cohort. LifeOmic Cardiology enables you to seamlessly combine all patient data for a complete, clinically focused view of patients. Our mobile app enables collection of patient acquired data and delivery of custom care plans at scale, all while encouraging interventions that will improve patients’ health.

Functional Medicine Solutions

Functional Medicine practitioners are faced with treating conditions that can have dozens or hundreds of symptoms. This requires combining and analyzing data from clinical observations, labs, surveys, genomic tests and more. The LifeOmic Platform for Functional Medicine seamlessly integrates data from these systems into a clinician-focused view. It is simple to build cohorts based on a wide variety of criteria to compare symptoms, treatments and outcomes. Our mobile app enables you to deliver remote patient care at scale; you can deliver surveys, care plans and recommendations as well as measure patient progress.